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Husqvarna 225AI15 Operator's Manual page 6

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1. Throttle trigger lock
• Check that the throttle is
locked in the "idling
position" when the
throttle trigger lock is in
its original position.
• Press in the throttle
trigger lock and make
sure it returns to its
original position when
• Ensure that the throttle
and throttle trigger lock
move easily and that their
return spring systems
• See the section "Start".
Start the machine and
apply full throttle.
Release the throttle and
check that the cutting
attachment stops and
remains stationary. If the
cutting attachment
continues to move when
the throttle is in the idle
position then the
carburettor idle setting
must be adjusted.
See the chapter
2. Stop switch
• Start the engine and
make sure that the engine
stops when the stop
switch is moved to the
stop position.
– English
3. Muffler
• Never use a machine that
has a defective muffler.
• Check regularly that the
muffler is secure.
• If your muffler is fitted
with a spark arrest screen
then it should be cleaned
regularly. A blocked
screen leads to the engine
overheating with serious
damage as a result. Never
use a muffler with a
defective spark arrest
4. Cutters
• Ensure that the cutters
are securely attached.
• When the blade is
manufactured it is
sharpened using an
advanced method. This
means that the blade
cannot be re-sharpened
using conventional
methods. Worn blades
must be replaced with
new ones to ensure your
machine works
5. Transport guard
• Regularly check that the
transport guard is not
• Replace the transport
guard if it is damaged.



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