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Control, Maintenance And Service Of The Machine's Safety Equipment - Husqvarna 225AI15 Operator's Manual

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3. Muffler
The muffler is designed to
give the lowest possible
noise level and to direct the
engine's exhaust fumes away
from the user. A muffler
fitted with a catalytic
converter is also designed to
reduce harmful exhaust
It is extremely important
that the instructions for
checking, maintaining and
servicing the muffler are
followed (see the section
"Control, maintenance and
service of the machine's
safety equipment").
Mufflers fitted with catalytic converters
become extremely hot during use and
after stopping. This also applies at idling
speeds. Contact can result in burns to
the skin. Be observant to the risk of fire!
Bear in mind that exhaust fumes:
• contain carbon monoxide, which can
cause carbon monoxide poisoning.
Therefore never start or run the machine
• are hot and can contain sparks that can
cause fires. Never start the machine
indoors or close to inflammable material.
4. Transport guard
The transport guard (A) is
intended to protect against
any part of the body coming
into contact with the cutting
edges (B).
The transport guard must
always be fitted over the
cutting attachment when
the machine is transported
or stored.
Control, maintenance and service of
the machine's safety equipment
All service and repairs to the machine require
special training.
This applies especially to the machine's safety
equipment. If the machine does not meet any of
he controls listed below you should contact
your service workshop.
The purchase of one of our products
guarantees that professional repair and
servicing will be carried out on it. If the point of
purchase is not one of our servicing dealers,
please ask for details of the closest service
Never use a machine with defective safety
equipment. The safety equipment should
be maintained as described in this
section. If your machine does not meet
any of these controls you should contact
your service workshop.
Always stop the engine before doing any
work on the cutting attachment. This will
continue to move even after the throttle
has been released. Ensure that the
cutting attachment has stopped
completely and remove the cable from the
spark plug before you start to work on it.
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