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Program Change On/Off; Control Change On/Off - Yamaha Arius YDP-S31 Owner's Manual

Arius series
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Program Change ON/OFF

Normally this instrument will respond to MIDI program change numbers received
from an external keyboard or other MIDI device, causing the correspondingly-num-
bered voice to be selected on the corresponding channel (the keyboard voice does not
change). This instrument will normally also send a MIDI program change number
whenever one of its voices is selected, causing the correspondingly-numbered voice or
program to be selected on the external MIDI device if the device is set up to receive and
respond to MIDI program change numbers.
This function makes it possible to cancel program change number reception and trans-
mission so that voices can be selected on this instrument without affecting the external
MIDI device.
While holding down the
press the C 6 key. Pressing the C 6 key repeatedly toggles between Program Change On
and Off.

Control Change ON/OFF

MIDI Control Change data refers to MIDI information related to performance expres-
sion (such as damper pedal information).
You can transmit MIDI Control Change data from this instrument to control the oper-
ation of a connected MIDI device. (For example, if you operate this instrument's
damper pedal, this instrument will transmit MIDI Control Change data.)
On the other hand, MIDI performance data received on this instrument from a con-
nected MIDI device will respond to MIDI Control Change data received from the
MIDI device at the same time. (However, the voice you are currently playing on the
keyboard will not respond to the MIDI Control Change data.)
The ability to transmit and receive MIDI Control Change data is sometimes very use-
ful. Turn Control Change On if it is convenient for you to have this capability. Turn
Control Change Off if you rather prefer not to have this capability.
While holding down the [DEMO/SONG] and [PIANO/VOICE] buttons simulta-
neously, press the D6 key. Pressing the D6 key repeatedly toggles between Control
Change On and Off.
YDP-S31 Owner's Manual
buttons simultaneously,
C 6
The highest key
The highest key
For information on program
change numbers for each voice
of this instrument, see the MIDI
Data Format information listed
on our website. (Please refer to
"Data List" on page 5.)
For information on control
changes that can be used with
this instrument, see the MIDI
Data Format information listed
on our website. (Please refer to
"Data List" on page 5.)