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Operating Instructions; Safety Instructions - Electrolux B4401-5 User Manual

Electrolux built-in electric oven
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Operating Instructions

Safety instructions

Electrical safety
• This appliance must be only connected by a registered electrician.
• In the event of a fault or damage to the appliance: Take the fuses out or
switch off.
• Repairs to the appliance must only be carried out by qualified service engi-
neers. Considerable danger may result from improper repairs. If repairs be-
come necessary, please contact our Customer Services or your dealer.
Child Safety
• Never leave children unsupervised when the appliance is in use.
Safety whilst Using
• People (including children) who, because of their physical, sensory or mental
capabilities or their inexperience or ignorance are not able to use the device
safely, should not use this device without supervision or instruction by a re-
sponsible person.
• This appliance is intended to be used for cooking, roasting and baking food in
the home.
• Take care when connecting electric appliances to sockets nearby. Do not allow
connecting leads to come into contact with or to catch beneath the hot oven
• Warning: Risk of burns! The interior of the oven becomes hot during use.
• Using ingredients containing alcohol in the oven may create an alcohol-air
mixture that is easily ignited. In this case, open the door carefully. Do not have
embers, sparks or naked flames in the vicinity when opening the door.
Information on acrylamides
According to the latest scientific knowledge, intensive browning of food, espe-
cially in products containing starch, can constitute a health risk due to acryla-
mides. Therefore we recommend cooking at the lowest possible temperatures
and not browning foods too much.
Operating Instructions



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