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Water Supply Connections; Water Inlet Hose With Safety Valve - Electrolux FAVORIT 55010 I User Manual

Electrolux dishwasher
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Water supply connections

Connection to a cold water supply is advised. If connection is made to a hot water
supply the maximum permissible temperature is 60°C. A hot water supply is not
always efficient with very soiled crockery as it shortens the washing programmes
a lot.
For making the connection itself, the coupling nut fitted to the machine's supply
hose is designed to screw onto a 3/4" gas thread spout or to a purpose made quick-
coupling tap such as the Press-block.
The water pressure must be within the limits given in the "Technical specifications".
Your local Water Authority will advise you on the average mains pressure in your
The water inlet hose must not be kinked, crushed, or entangled when it is being
The dishwasher features fill and drain hoses which can be turned either to the left
or the right to suit the installation by means of the locknut.
The locknut must be correctly fitted to avoid water leaks.
(Attention! NOT all models of dishwashers have fill and drain hoses provided with
locknut. In this case, this kind of facility is not possible). If the machine is connected
to new pipes or pipes which have not been used for a long time, you should run
the water for a few minutes before connecting the inlet hose.
DO NOT use connection hoses which have previously been used for an old
This appliance has been fitted with safety features which will prevent the water
used in the appliance from returning back into the drinking water system. This
appliance complies with the applicable plumbing regulations.

Water inlet hose with safety valve

After connecting the double-walled water inlet hose, the safety valve is next to the
tap. Therefore the water inlet hose is only under pressure while the water is running.
If the water inlet hose starts to leak during this operation, the safety valve cuts off
the running water.
Please take care when installing the water inlet hose:
• The electrical cable for the safety valve is in the double-walled water inlet hose.
Do not immerse the water inlet hose or the safety valve in water.



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