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Electrolux ERN31300 Installation And Instruction Manual

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Fridge-Freezer / Derin donduruculu buzdolabi
ERN 31300
2223 171-82



  Summary of Contents for Electrolux ERN31300

  • Page 1 Fridge-Freezer / Derin donduruculu buzdolabi INSTALLATION AND INSTRUCTION MANUAL MONTAJ VE KULLANIM KILAVUZU ERN 31300 2223 171-82...
  • Page 2: General Safety

    WARNINGS It is most important that this instruction book should be retained with the appliance for future reference. Should the appliance be sold or transferred to another owner, or should you move house and leave the appliance, always ensure that the book is supplied with the appliance in order that the new owner can be acquainted with the functioning of the appliance and the relevant warnings.
  • Page 3: Environment Protection

    • Do not place carbonated or fizzy drinks in the Environment Protection freezer as it creates pressure on the container, which may cause it to explode, resulting in damage to the appliance. Do not use a This appliance does not contain gasses which mechanical device or any artificial means to could damage the ozone layer, in either its speed up the thawing process other than those...
  • Page 4: Cleaning The Interior

    CONTENTS Warnings ............... .2 Use / Cleaning the interior - Operation - Temperature regulation - Fresh food refrigeration .
  • Page 5: Freezing Fresh Food

    Freezing fresh food The 4-star compartment is suitable for long term storage of commercially frozen food, and for freezing fresh food. To freeze fresh foods It is not necessary to change the setting of the thermostatknob. However, for a quicker freezing operation, turn the thermostat knob to the coldest setting;...
  • Page 6: Movable Shelves

    Movable shelves The walls of the refrigerator are equipped with a series of runners so that the shelves can be positioned as desired. Positioning the door shelves To permit storage of food packages of various sizes, the door shelves can be placed at different heights. To make these adjustments proceed as follows: Gradually pull the shelf in the direction of the arrows until it comes free, then reposition as required.
  • Page 7: Hints For Refrigeration

    HINTS Hints for refrigeration Useful hints: Meat (all types): wrap in polythene bags and place • do not put carbonated liquids (fizzy drinks, on the glass shelf above the vegetable drawer. etc.) in the freezer compartment as they may For safety, store in this way only one or two days burst.
  • Page 8: Maintenance

    MAINTENANCE Periods of non-operation Unplug the appliance before carrying out When the appliance is not in use for long periods, any maintenance operation. take the following precautions: Warning remove the plug from the wall socket; This appliance contains hydrocarbons in its cooling remove all food;...
  • Page 9: Customer Service And Spare Parts

    Defrosting Frost is automatically eliminated from the evaporator of the refrigerator compartment every time the motor compressor stops, during normal use. The defrost water drains out through a trough into a special container at the back of the appliance, over the motor compressor, where it evaporates.
  • Page 10: Installation

    INSTALLATION Location Attention The appliance should be installed well away from sources of heat such as radiators, boilers, direct It must be possible to disconnect the appliance from sunlight etc. the mains power supply; the plug must therefore be easily accessible after installation. For building into kitchen units follow the special “...
  • Page 11: Instructions For Totally Built-In Appliances

    Instructions for totally built-in appliances min. 50 mm 200 cm Dimensions of the recess Height 1780 mm Depth 550 mm min. Width 560 mm 200 cm The appliance’s door has been locked in position for transport by means of pins on both sides. Ac- D567 cording to the door opening direction, remove relevant pins at the top and at the bottom.
  • Page 12 Fit the appliance in the niche by making sure that it stands against the interior surface of the unit on the side where the door hinges of the appliances are fitted. Insert the appliance until the upper strip butts up against the unit (1) and make sure that the lower hinge is in line with the surface of the unit (2).
  • Page 13 Place guide (Ha) on the inside part of the furniture ca. 50 mm door, up and down as shown in the figure and mark the position of external holes. After having drilled holes, fix the guide with the screws supplied. ca.
  • Page 14: Reversibility Of The Freezer Door

    Fix cover (Hd) on guide (Hb) until it clips into place. PR167/1 After having reversed the opening direction of the doors check that all the screws are properly tightened and that the magnetic seal adheres to the cabinet. If the ambient temperature is cold (i.e.