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Copy contacts from a SIM card
If you have contacts stored on your SIM card, you can copy them to your phone.
Make sure your SIM card is inserted.
1. Tap
2. Under all, tap settings > import SIM contacts.
3. To import all your contacts, tap import.
Tip: To select individual contacts, tap clear, and use the check boxes.
Share your plans with your family and friends
Want to gather with people, but find it difficult to set a date and time convenient for everybody? You
can invite others to chat, and privately share a calendar, photos, or notes.
Although this feature works best on Windows Phone 8, phones running on Windows Phone 7 can join
rooms and set up shared calendars. To use this feature, you need to sign in to your Microsoft account.
1. To create a room for sharing, tap People, and swipe to together.
2. Tap
> Room.
3. Write a name for the room, and tap
4. To switch between a group chat, calendar, note, or photo album, swipe left or right.
5. To invite someone to join the room, tap
Tip: If you haven't used rooms yet, your phone has a Family Room ready for you. In the People
hub, swipe to together, and tap Family Room. To invite someone to the room for the first time,
tap invite someone.
Create, edit, or delete a contact group
You can create contact groups, and send a message to several people at the same time. For example,
you can add family members to the same group and reach them quickly with the same message.
People, and swipe to together.
1. Tap
> Group.
2. Write a name for the group, and tap
3. Tap
and a contact. To add another contact, tap
4. Tap
Add a new group contact
Tap the group, and tap
Remove a contact from a group
Tap the group and
Rename a group
Tap the group and
Delete a contact group
Tap the group and
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and a contact.
. Tap the contact to remove and remove from group.
> rename, and write the new name.
> delete.
and a contact.


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