Door Reversal; Electrical Connection - Electrolux EUC2105 Instruction Booklet

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Door Reversal

1. Close the cabinet and remove the plug from the
electrical socket.
2. Remove the ventilation grille. There is a part on
the grille that can be removed. Reposition it and put
it on the other side.
3. Put the cabinet on a wooden board when it is laid
down. Later, when raising the cabinet, it will be
easier to grip under the cabinet thanks to the board.
4. On the upper part of the cabinet. Put the hinge pin
on the other side.
5. On the lower part of the cabinet.
a Unscrew the hinge.
b Remove the door-closing fittings from the hinge
and put the hinge pin on the other side. Then attach
the supplied door-closing fitting.
6. a. Remove the door-closing fitting from the
bottom of the door.
b. Remove the plastic plug from the corresponding
hole on the other side. Use a screwdriver to rock the
plug loose. Then secure the supplied door-closing
c. Secure the lower hinge.
Remove any play in the door by adjusting the height
of the lower hinge with the supplied spanner. Secure
with the lock-nut.
7. Raise the cabinet and replace the ventilation grille.
8. To transfer the handle.
Unscrew the screws. Fit the handle onto the opposite
side by turning it one half circle. Press the supplied
plastic plugs into the holes to which the handle was
previously fitted.
9. Put the cabinet in position. Check that it stands
straight. See the section "Positioning the cabinet".

Electrical connection

Connect the cabinet to a grounded electrical outlet.
Voltage: 230 V.
Fuse: 10 A.
Refer to the rating plate on the left inside the
5 a
5 b
Electrolux 818 20 44-02/7


Table of Contents

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Table of Contents