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Technical Specifications; Installation; Positioning; Technical Information - Electrolux EUN 12500 Instruction Manual

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If your appliance is still not working properly after making the above checks, contact the nearest service centre.
To obtain fast service, it is essential that when you apply for it you specify the model and serial number
of your appliance which can be found on the guarantee certificate or on the rating plate located inside
the appliance, on the bottom left-hand side.


The technical infomation are situated in the rating plate on the internal left side of the appliance .


lf this appliance featuring magnetic door seals is
to replace an older appliance having a spring lock
(latch) on the door or lid, be sure to make that
spring lock unusable before you discard the old
appliance. This will prevent it from becoming a
death-trap for a child.


The appliance should be installed well away from
sources of heat such as radiators, boilers, direct
sunlight etc.
Best performance is obtained with ambient
temperature between +18°C and +43°C (class T);
+18°C and +38°C (class ST); +16°C and +32°C (class
N); +10°C and +32°C (class SN).
The class of your appliance is shown on its rating
For building-in and door reversibility refer to the
relevant instructions.

Electrical connection

Before plugging in, ensure that the voltage and
frequency shown on the serial number plate
correspond to your domestic power supply.
Voltage can vary by ±6% of the rated voltage.
For operation with different voltages, a suitably sized
auto-transformer must be used.
The appliance must be earthed.
The power supply cable plug is provided with a
contact for this purpose.
If the domestic power supply socket is not
earthed. connect the appliance to a separate
earth in compliance with current regulations,
consulting a specialist technician.
The Manufacturer declines all responsibility if the
above safety precautions are not observed.
Downloaded from Manuals
It must be possible to disconnect the appliance
from the mains power supply; the plug must
therefore be easily accessible after installation.
This appliance complies with the following
E.E.C. Directives:
- 87/308 EEC of 2/6/87 relative to radio interference
- 73/23 EEC of 19.2.73 (Low Voltage Directive) and
subsequent modifications;
- 89/336 EEC of 3.5.89 (Electromagnetic
Compatibility Directive) and subsequent

Door reversal

The appliance's door has been locked in position for
transport by means of pins on both sides. According
to the door opening direction, remove relevant pins at
the top and at the bottom.
If the ambient temperature is cold (i.e. in
Winter), the gasket may not fit perfectly to the
cabinet. In that case, wait for the natural fitting
of the gasket or accelerate this process by
heating up the part involved with a normal


Table of Contents

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