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Maintenance and Cleaning

Removing the ventilation grille

The ventilation grille can be removed, e.g. to wash
the grille.
Make sure the door is open when removing the
ventilation grille. Unsnap the upper edge of the grille
by pulling outward/downward. Then pull the grille
straight out to completely remove it.


Clean the cabinet at regular intervals.
Don't use detergents, abrasive powders,
high perfumed cleaning products, wax
polishes or cleaning products
containing bleach or alcohol when
cleaning the product
Disconnect the appliance from electricity supply.
Internal Cleaning
Clean the inside and accessories with warm water
and bicarbonate of soda (5ml to 0,5 litre water)
Rinse and dry thoroughly.
Regularly check the door seals and wipe clean to
ensure they are clean and free from debris.
External Cleaning
Wash the outer cabinet with warm soapy water.
Remove the ventilation grille (see the section
"Removing the ventilation grille") and vacuum-clean
under the cabinet. Once or twice a year dust the
condenser (black grille) and the compressor at the
back of the appliance, with a brush or vacuum
cleaner, as an accumulation of dust will affect the
performance of the appliance and cause excessive
electricity consumption.
When moving the cabinet, lift it by
the front edge to avoid scratching the

To Change the Light Bulb

The light is switched on automatically when the
door is opened. Before replacing the light bulb,
disconnect the power plug from the outlet.
Cut the packaging around the bulb socket.
Keep the packaging on to hold the bulb when setting
it into the socket. Do not touch the bulb with your
bare fingers. Halogen light bulbs are sensitive to
grease from the skin.
Use a clear halogen light bulb.
Low pressure
Electrolux 818 20 44-02/7


Table of Contents

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Table of Contents