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To Change The Light Bulb; When The Appliance Is Not In Use; Something Not Working - Electrolux EUC2403 Instruction Book

Electrolux freezer


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To change the light bulb

The light is switched on automatically when the
door is opened. Before replacing the light bulb,
disconnect the power plug from the outlet.
Press the spring together and pull the grille
downward at the same time.
Use a bulb of the same type, E14 socket, maximum
rating of 25 W.

When the appliance is not in use

Disconnect the appliance from electricity supply.
Empty all foods and clean the appliance, leaving the
doors ajar to prevent unpleasant smells.
If the cabinet will be kept on, ask somebody to
check it once in a while to prevent the food inside
from spoiling in case of a power failure.

Something Not Working

Before contacting your local Service Force Centre check the following point:
" " is displayed in the temperature
The yellow Action Freeze and red
warning lamp both flash.
Audible alarm + flashing red warning
lamp. (It is too warm inside the freezer.)
It is too warm inside the freezer.
It is too cold inside the freezer.
Too much frost and ice are produced.
Possible cause / Remedy
An error has occurred in measuring the temperature. Call your
service representative. (The cooling system will continue to
keep food products cold, but temperature adjustment will not
be possible.)
Switch off the audible alarm by pressing the alarm off button.
The audible alarm could have been triggered by:
The cabinet having been recently switched on and the
temperature still being too high. See the chapter "Switching on
and setting the temperature".
The door may have been open for so long that the `door open'
alarm was triggered.
Set a lower temperature.
Make sure that the door is completely closed and that the
insulating strip is complete and clean.
If warm food products have been put inside the freezer, wait for
a couple of hours and then check the temperature again.
Distribute the food products to allow cold air to circulate
around them.
Set a warmer temperature.
Action Freeze could have been switched on.
The temperature display shows the highest temperature inside
the cabinet. Thus a difference between the temperature
indicated on the display and the (average) temperature
measured in another way is normal.
Make sure that the door is completely closed and that the
insulating strip is complete and clean.
Electrolux 818 22 58-03/1


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