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Installation; Mains Cable; Unpacking; Remove The Transport Supports - Electrolux EUC2403 Instruction Book

Electrolux freezer


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Mains Cable

Do not remove the power cord by pulling on its
lead, particulary when the product is being
pulled out of its niche.
Damage to the cord may cause a short-circuit, fire
and/or electric shock.
In the event of damage to the appliance's main
cable, only an authorised service company
recommended by the manufacturer or a similarly
qualified person may adjust it in order to avoid
shock hazard for the user.


Unpack the cabinet and check that it is in good
condition and free of any transport damage. Notify
the dealer immediately of any damage. Hand the
packaging over for recycling. For more information,
contact your local city office or the dealer.
Do not allow children to play with the
packaging. The plastic film can cause

Remove the transport supports

Remove the transport supports placed along the door
Some models are fitted with a silencing pad under
the cabinet. Do not remove this pad.
Installation of distance
Assemble the attached distance on the back side of
the panel according to the illustration.


Wash the inside of the cabinet using lukewarm
water, a mild washing-up detergent and a soft cloth.
Electrolux 818 22 58-03/1


Table of Contents

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