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Freezing - Electrolux EUC2403 Instruction Book

Electrolux freezer


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Temperature alarm
If the temperature rises above -12°C, the red warning
lamp flashes and an audible alarm sounds. The
temperature display will then start to flash.
To switch off the alarm:
Press the alarm shut-off button to switch off the
audible alarm. The temperature display will stop
The red warning lamp goes out when the
temperature inside the freezer again falls below
Find out what caused the alarm. See the chapter
"Something not working".
Temperature memory
The temperature memory shows when an alarm has
been triggered in the cabinet.
The temperature memory operates as follows:
When the temperature inside the freezer again falls
below -11°C the audible alarm stops. The
temperature display and the red warning lamp will
flash to indicate than an alarm was triggered. When
the alarm shut-off button is pressed, the display then
displays the warmest temperature inside the cabinet
during the alarm phase and the display stops
flashing. By referring to the temperature display
indication, it is possible to decide whether or not to
discard the products inside the freezer.
At about -12°C:
Most food products can be immediately
re-frozen. Ice cream is especially sensitive to
temperature changes and should be consumed
as soon as possible.
At -9° - -2°C:
Food products should be prepared (cooked)
prior to eating or re-freezing them.
However, always check the quality of the food
yourself to determine if it can be frozen or if it must
be discarded.


Press the fast freeze button approx. 24 hours prior to
placing the food in the freezer.
You need not press the fast-freeze button when
freezing smaller quantities of food during any
24-hour period.
Fast freeze is automatically switched off apporox 50
hours after the button has been pressed.
Fast freeze can be discontinued by pressing the fast
freeze button once again.
The yellow fast freeze lamp remains lit as long as
the fast freeze button is engaged.
"A" (ACTION FREEZE) is displayed in the
temperature display.
Electrolux 818 22 58-03/1


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