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Suitable Storage Periods; Cabinet Interior; Thawing - Electrolux EUC2403 Instruction Book

Electrolux freezer


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Practical advice on freezing
· When freezing products, use the top shelf, and if
necessary the shelf beneath as this is the coldest
· When freezing large amounts of food/provisions,
the accumulator moves to the tray/space nearest
to the lower freezing shelf.
- Place the foods directly on the freezer shelves.
· Spread out the products as much as possible to
allow air to circulate between them.
· Do not place food products which are to be
frozen directly against other frozen food.
The heat from the unfrozen food may cause
the frozen food to thaw on the surface.
· Once frozen, re-arrange the products and put
them as close as possible to each other.
The food will then stay cold longer in the
event of a power failure.
· Do not freeze too much food at the same time.
The freezing capacity of the unit is indicated in
the specifications section.

Suitable storage periods

Food purchased in frozen condition: Follow the
advice on the maximum storage period indicated on
the packaging.
Fresh food frozen at home:
Fatty and salty food should not be kept frozen for
more than three months. Cooked food and low-fat
food may be kept up to about six months. Lean food
and berries can be kept for approximately one year.

Cabinet interior

Freezer drawers
The freezer drawers make it possible to quickly and
easily find the food package you want. To gain
space, the drawers can be removed and the products
can be put directly on the shelves. On all shelves,
except the top shelf, it is possible to place products
that protrude 20 mm from the front edge. This
allows maximum use of the available space.
Do not remove the bottom drawer. It is required to
assure proper air circulation.
Freezer tray
Use the freezer tray to freeze berries and vegetables.
After about 4 hours the food will be thoroughly
frozen and can then be packaged normally. Food
that is frozen in this way will not stick together,
enabling you to use only the amount required.
Ice cubes
Fill the ice tray to max. 3/4 since water expands as it
freezes. Release the ice cubes by twisting the ice
If ice cubes are kept for a long time, they will dry
out and the taste is affected. Thus, throw away old
ice cubes and prepare new ones when needed.
Check that the cabinet is operating and
keeps the set temperature one day after
switching it on for the first time. Only
after then should the freezer be used to
freeze fresh foodstuff.


It is best to thaw foods in refrigerator. Place the
foodstuff on a plate with a raised edge to prevent
liquids from running out. To quickly thaw food,
place it in room temperature or in cold water. When
using a microwave oven to thaw foodstuff, follow
the manufacturer's instructions.
Electrolux 818 22 58-03/1


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