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Loading; How To Load The Dishes - Electrolux ESF 245 Instruction Book

Electrolux dishwasher
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How to load the dishes

The illustration shows the machine loaded with five stan-
dard place settings. Your own dishes are not likely to be
identical to this load, but if you follow the advice below we
are sure you will be pleased with the results.
Always place glasses, cups and bowls upside down.
Incline deep dishes (soup plates etc.) so that the water
can run off when drying.
Make sure that the dishes do not rest against each
other. This is particularly important in regard to the
cutlery basket - nested spoons, etc. simply cannot be
properly washed. The water must get at all the soiled
Make sure that cutlery with slender handles and other
items do not protrude through the openings in the basket
and prevent the spray arm from rotating.
Never put silver and stainless steel objects together.
When these metals come into contact with each other
a chemical reaction occurs which stains the silver.
China with a pattern applied on top of the glaze may
not be suitable for machine washing as the colours
may fade and lose their lustre. The same applies to
cutlery with wooden or plastic handles.
Make sure you always buy articles that are dishwasher
Aluminium becomes dull and tarnished when machine
washed. The machine gets it clean, but at the expense
of its appearance.
Not all plastic articles are machine washable. If you are
in doubt as to whether your plastic-ware can be washed
in the machine, we suggest you check by washing a
single item or else wash them by hand.
When washing delicate items, select the lower wash
Substances such as ketchup containing strong colouring
agents can cause temporary discolouration to the
interior of the dishwasher.
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