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Electrolux EDE 56160W User Manual page 11

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time is increased by 30 minutes, until
the display shows a delay of "2 hours".
After this, the delay is displayed hour
by hour. The minutes or hours of delay
that have been selected are displayed
for 2 seconds, then the display shows
the duration of the previously selected
programme. The countdown begins
after you have pressed the Start/Pauze
button. To cancel the delay time press
the DELAYED START button until the
display indicates 0'h. Then press the
Start/Pauze button again. When the
delay is cancelled, the display shows
the duration of the programme. During
the delayed start, it is not possible to
change the programme or the delay
time that have been selected. To do
this, you must first switch off the
machine by setting the programme
selector dial to "0". Select the new pro-
gramme, the options and the delayed
start, then press the Start/Pauze but-
ton. To cancel or change options that
have been selected, simply set the
appliance to PAUZE. Once you perform
the desired operation, press once
again the Start/Pauze button.
If you wish to add more laundry while
the machine is performing the count-
down, simply open the door.
When you close the door, press the
Start/Pauze button again to cause the
countdown to be resumed.
The display shows the following information:
D D u u r r a a t t i i o o n n o o f f s s e e l l e e c c t t e e d d p p r r o o g g r r a a m m m m e e
After you have selected the programme,
its duration (in hours and minutes) appears
on the display. It is calculated automatically
on the basis of the maximum load
accepted for each type of fabric and of the
required degree of drying.
Page 11
When the programme starts, the remaining
time is displayed every 5 minutes.
D D e e l l a a y y e e d d s s t t a a r r t t
If you have selected a delay time by means
of the relevant button, the display shows it
for 3 seconds; then it shows the duration
of the previously selected programme. The
countdown is displayed every 30 minutes
until it displays "90 minutes" and then hour
by hour.
E E n n d d o o f f p p r r o o g g r r a a m m m m e e
A flashing zero indicates the end of the
programme and it is displayed after the
"anticreasing" phase.
I I n n c c o o r r r r e e c c t t o o p p t t i i o o n n s s e e l l e e c c t t i i o o n n
If you select an option that is not compatible
with the programme you have selected,
the display shows Err (error).
This code will reappear during the execution of
the programme if you press one of the option
buttons or turn the programme selector.
A A l l a a r r m m c c o o d d e e
In case of a functional anomaly, the display
shows an alarm code (e.g. E21).
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