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Electrolux EDE 56160W User Manual page 10

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10 electrolux use
be selected after choosing the desired
programme and before depressing the
Start/Pause button. When these buttons
are pressed, the corresponding pilot lights
come on. When they are pressed again, the
pilot lights go out.
Select Door
Press this button to open the door. The
light above the button will light up.
Opening the door by means of this
button is possible only if the tumble
dryer is on (programme selector dial
set to a programme or drying
If you open the door during a pro-
gramme, in order to restart the pro-
gramme you must re-press the
START/PAUZE button again after hav-
ing closed the door.
Select the Buzzer
When the drying cycle has finished, an
intermittent audible signal will sound.
By depressing button
signal is switched off in the following cases:
• when selecting the programme
• when depressing the buttons
• when the programme selector dial is
turned to another position during the
programme or when you depress an
option button during the cycle
• at the end of the programme.
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The corresponding light comes on
Select the Quick button
By depressing this button the drying
time is reduced in the following COT-
TON programmes:
• extra dry
• ready to wear
• store dry
The corresponding light illuminates.
This option cannot be selected togeth-
er with "low temperature" function .
Select Delicate
Pressing this button allows drying to be
performed at a lower temperature, for
delicate items.
The corresponding pilot light comes
on. This option can also be used for
time controlled drying.
This function cannot be used with
Select Delay start
the acoustic
This button allows you to delay the
starting of the programme by 12 hours
max. This option must be selected
after having selected the programme
and before pressing Start/Pauze to
start the programme.
Every time the button is pressed, the

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