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Electrolux EDE 56160W User Manual page 18

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Page 18
18 electrolux care and cleaning
Do n n ot u u se t t he a a ppliance w w ithout f f ilters.
C C l l e e a a n n i i n n g g t t h h e e a a i i r r i i n n t t a a k k e e g g r r i i l l l l e e
Using a vacuum cleaner remove the fluff
from the air intake grille at the back of the
C C l l e e a a n n i i n n g g t t h h e e d d r r u u m m
When your laundry does not reach the desired
degree of dryness, in other words, when it
turns out either too dry or too damp, we
advise you to clean the inside of the drum with
a cloth soaked with vinegar.
This will eliminate the slight patina that has
formed in the drum (due to residues of
detergent and softeners used in the wash-
ing, and to the lime contained in the water),
which prevents the probes from detecting
the correct degree of dryness.

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