Electrolux Chef CKG5060W Instruction Book
Electrolux Chef CKG5060W Instruction Book

Electrolux Chef CKG5060W Instruction Book

Mixed fuel cooker


Mixed fuel cooker


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  • Page 1 Mixed fuel cooker INSTRUCTION BOOK CKG5060W CKG5060S...
  • Page 3: Important Safety Information

    Important Safety Information These warnings are provided in the interest of safety. You MUST read them carefully before installing or using the appliance. Keep this instruction book for future reference and ensure it is passed on to any new owner. Installation Child Safety •...
  • Page 4 • Particular attention shall be given Unstable deformed pans relevant requirements should not be placed on the regarding ventilation. burners order avoid • When in uses a gas cooker will accidents caused by upsetting or produce heat and moisture in the boiling over.
  • Page 5: Environmental Information

    • Always ensure that the oven vent, Your safety is of paramount importance. Therefore, if you are which is located at the centre back unsure about any of the meanings of the hob, is left unobstructed to of these WARNINGS, contact the ensure ventilation of the oven Customer Care Department.
  • Page 6: Table Of Contents

    Contents Instructions for the Installer Technical features Location The safety equipment Installation Adaptation to different type of gas Electrical connections Instructions for the User Use and care Use of appliance Before the first use of the oven Electric oven Oven function control knob Using the Conventional Oven Hints and Tips Grilling...
  • Page 7: Instructions For The Installer

    Instructions for the Installer Technical features Dimensions Height 900 mm Width 500 mm Depth 600 mm Oven Capacity 45 l Natural Gas U-LPG, (1.00kPa) (2.60kPa) Front Left Semi-rapid Back Left Semi-rapid Front Right Rapid 10.5 10.5 Back Right Total 28.7 27.5 Oven Top element...
  • Page 8: Location

    Location Qualified tradespersons must carry out installation work on the cooker. The cooker is heavy. Certain edges and corners, which will not normally be exposed, may be sharp. USE GLOVES when moving the cooker. Before installing the cooker, you should check that its dimensions correspond to the rest of your kitchen units.
  • Page 9: The Safety Equipment

    The safety equipment Leveling the cooker The appliance is provided with adjustable small feet placed in the back and front corners of the base. Never pull the appliance by the oven handle. By adjusting the small feet it is possible to change the height of the appliance so as to ensure a better leveling with other surfaces and a uniform distribution of the liquids...
  • Page 10 Draw a line on the wall – after leveling the cooker – along the top edge of the hob (see illustration). The measurements shown can be applied when the non-tip device is fitted on the left (see illustration). Measure and mark where the non-tip device is to be placed.
  • Page 11: Installation

    Installation Important Connection to the gas supply Qualified personnel must install Gas connection must be carried out this cooker. The manufacturer will by a licensed gas fitter and in not accept liability, should the conformity with the regulations in above instructions or any of the force.
  • Page 12 Connection Carry out the connection to the gas plant only by means of a rigid metallic pipe conforming to the regulations in force. This appliance is NOT suitable for connection with a flexible hose assembly. The joint for the entry of the gas into the appliance is threaded G1/2”.
  • Page 13: Adaptation To Different Type Of Gas

    Important Upon completion of installation, always check: That all the joints are completely sealed by using a soapy solution, never a flame; That the gas pressure has been regulated to 1,00 kPa for Natural Gas and 2,60 kPa for Universal- LPG.
  • Page 14 Burner characteristics Normal Simmer Nozzle Pressure Burner power power pass Gas Type diameter (kPa) (MJ/h) (MJ/h) (mm) (mm) 10,5 2,62 Natural Gas 1,00 1,39 0,42 RAPID 10,5 2,62 U-LPG 2,60 0,90 1,75 Natural Gas 1,00 1,11 SEMI- 0,35 RAPID 1,62 U-LPG 2,60 0,71...
  • Page 15 Adjustment of minimum level for the hob burners The burner is correctly adjusted when the flame is stable silent and goes out without any noise. When changing the type of gas check that the minimum level is correct. The air admission is correct excess of correct no air...
  • Page 16: Electrical Connections

    Electrical connections If hard wiring to the mains is Any electrical work required required, an omnipolar interrupter to install this cooker and the with a minimum opening of 3 mm supply cable should be carried out between contacts dimensioned to by a qualified licensed electrician, the voltage and corresponding to in accordance with the current...
  • Page 18: Instructions For The User

    Instructions for the User Use and care Control panel TEMPERATURE FUNCTION 1. Back left burner control knob 5. Ignition switch 2. Front left burner control knob 6. Oven thermostat 3. Front right burner control knob 7. Oven thermostat pilot light 4.
  • Page 19: Use Of Appliance

    Use of Appliance Before the First Use of the Oven Before the first use ensure To prevent discolouration, regularly that the room is well ventilated: wipe away condensation and also V.M.C. (Mechanic ventilation) or spillage from surfaces. opened window. Cookware Remove all packaging, both ovenproof cookware,...
  • Page 20: Electric Oven

    Electric Oven Oven Function Control Knob Oven switched off Bake Conventional cooking – The heat comes from both the top and bottom element, ensuring even heating inside the oven Grill The grill cannot be used at the same time as the oven. The oven door must be closed when grilling.
  • Page 21: Using The Conventional Oven

    Things to note Bottom oven element only Once the oven temperature has This function is particularly useful been selected, the oven thermostat when blind- baking pastry or cooking pilot light will come on and remain pizza. It may also be used to finish on until the oven has reached the off quiches or flans to ensure the correct setting;...
  • Page 22: Grilling

    Grilling When grilling, the accessible Preheat the grill on a full setting for a few minutes before sealing steaks parts of the appliance are hot and or toasting. Adjust the heat setting the appliance should not be left unattended. Take care that children and the shelf as necessary, during cooking.
  • Page 23: Defrosting

    How to use Defrosting Faster Preheating - Turn the oven function control As the fan oven quickly reaches knob to the required cooking temperature, usually function « Defrost ». necessary preheat oven It is not possible to adjust the although you may find that you need temperature.
  • Page 24: Oven Cooking Chart

    Oven Cooking Chart The data in the chart bellow are informative. Only experience will enable you to determine the correct setting for your personal requirements. Shelf Bake Fan bake Pre- Cooking Type of Cake position time heating Temp. Temp. or Pastry from the °C °C...
  • Page 25: Roasting Chart

    Shelf Bake Fan bake Pre- Cooking Type of Cake position time heating Temp. Temp. or Pastry from the °C °C bottom 10-13 175-185 ---- 55-60 Apple pie ---- ---- 165-175 50-55 ---- 170-180 ---- 50-55 Drip pan cake ---- ---- 145-155 50-55 15-20...
  • Page 26: Using The Hob

    Using the Hob The symbol on the control panel shows which burner is operated by the knob. (See control panel). Maximum level Minimum level Use the maximum level for boiling and the minimum for simmering. Always choose positions between the minimum maximum, never...
  • Page 27 If after a few attempts the burner does not ignite, check that the burner ring and its cap are correctly positioned. Turning off the burners Turn the control knob clockwise to mark « ». Do not put anything on the hob that is liable to melt.
  • Page 28: Accessories Delivered With The Appliance

    We recommend the flame be lowered as soon as the liquid starts boiling. For a correct ignition always keep the burner ring and the spark plugs clean. The following diameter pans can be used: Diameter (mm) Burner min. max. Rapid Semi-Rapid Auxiliary Accessories delivered with...
  • Page 29 Removable drawer The removable drawer is located underneath the oven cavity. During cooking the drawer may become hot if the oven is in use for a long period of time. Flammable materials such as oven gloves, tea towels, plastic aprons, aerosols etc.
  • Page 30: Maintenance And Cleaning

    Maintenance and Cleaning • Chemical oven pads or aerosols The oven should be kept • Rust removers clean at all times. A build-up of • Bath/Sink stain removers fats or other foodstuffs could result in a fire. Clean the outer and inner door glass Before cleaning, ensure all using warm soapy water.
  • Page 31: Cleaning The Oven Door

    Cleaning the Oven Door Removing oven door from its hinges To make it easier to clean the oven, the oven door can be removed. Open the oven door into the horizontal position. Then lift up the clips on the two door hinges as far as they will go (a).
  • Page 32 Oven Shelves and Shelf support 1. Unscrew the fixing screws (A) then take the side racks from the oven out. Wash the racks and shelves by hand or in a dishwasher. If very soiled, soak them first, before cleaning with a steel wool pad. 2.
  • Page 33: Oven Bulb Replacement

    To remove more stubborn stains, wet and leave to dissolve, do not scratch and avoid the use of abrasive or caustic products that could damage the enamel. Burner Burners The burner caps and crowns can be Burner removed cleaning. Wash ring burners’...
  • Page 34: Something Not Working

    Something not working If the appliance is not working correctly, please carry out the following checks, before contacting your local Authorized Service Centre. IMPORTANT: If you call out an engineer to a fault listed below, or to repair a fault caused by incorrect use or installation, a charge will be made even if the appliance is under guarantee.
  • Page 35 If after these checks, the appliance still does not operate correctly, contact your local Authorized Service Centre. When you contact the Authorized Service Centre you will need to give the following details: 1. Your name, address and postcode. 2. Your telephone number 3.
  • Page 36 Warranty FOR SALES IN USTRALIA AND EALAND APPLIANCE: [F REESTANDING OOKER This document sets out the terms and without special equipment, and subject to conditions product warranties these terms and conditions, repair or Electrolux branded appliances. It is an replace any parts which it considers to be important document.
  • Page 37: Important Notice

    9. This warranty, the contract to which it To the extent permitted by law, the liability of Electrolux (if any) arising out of or in relates and the relationship between you relation to the Appliance or any services and Electrolux are governed by the law supplied by Electrolux shall be limited applicable in the Australian State where (where it is fair and reasonable to do so),:...
  • Page 40 342 726 369 –00-18.01.2007...

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