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Grilling; Using The Fan Oven - Electrolux Chef CKG5060W Instruction Book

Mixed fuel cooker
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When grilling, the accessible
parts of the appliance are hot and
the appliance should not be left
unattended. Take care that children
do not play near it.
The grill pan will become hot
during use, always use oven gloves
when removing or replacing a hot
grill pan.
All grilling must be carried out
with the oven door closed.
To switch on the grill, turn the
oven function control knob to «Grill»,
and then turn the thermostat knob to
the maximum temperature.
Most foods should be placed on the
grid in the grill pan to allow maximum
circulation of air to lift the food out of
the fats and juices. Food such as
fish, liver and kidneys may be placed
directly on the grill pan, if preferred.
Adjust the grid and grill pan runner
position to allow for different thickness
of food.
Food should be thoroughly dried
before grilling to minimise splashing.
Brush lean meats and fish lightly with
a little oil or melted butter to keep
them moist during cooking.
Accompaniments such as tomatoes
and mushrooms may be placed
underneath the grid when grilling meats.
When toasting bread, we suggest
that the top runner position is used
with the grid in its 'high' position.
Preheat the grill on a full setting for
a few minutes before sealing steaks
or toasting. Adjust the heat setting
and the shelf as necessary, during
The food should be turned over
during cooking, as required.
NOTE: For safety in use, the
element. During cooking, the grill
cycles on and off to prevent
Cooking time depends on the
thickness of the meat and not on its

Using the Fan Oven

The air inside the oven is heated by
the top and bottom elements. The
fan circulates hot air to maintain an
even temperature inside the oven.
The advantages of cooking with
this function are:
How to use the Fan Oven
- Turn the oven function control
knob to the cooking function «Fan
- Turn the thermostat control knob
to the selected temperature.


Table of Contents

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