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Cooking Zones; Switching On The Two-Circuit Zone; Switching On The Warming Zone; Residual Heat Indicator - Electrolux EHC 010 X Operating Instructions Manual

Glass ceramic hob
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Cooking zones

The cooking zones are indicated by markings on the
ceramic top.
The cooking zones are operated via the corresponding
switch box or built-in oven and this is in the respective
The dimensions of the cooking zones are such that they
accommodate standard sized sauce pans.

Switching on the two-circuit zone

The second heating circuit is activated when the control
knob is turned all the way to its end stop (noticeable
stop). The temperature can be controlled by turning
back the knob to the wanted position on the opposite
direction. Setting it back to zero turns off the cooking

Switching on the warming zone

The warming zone will be turned on and off by the
touch-control unit located on the ceramic surface in
front of the warming zone. By touching the correspon-
ding field, I resp. 0 will be switched on resp. turned off.

Residual Heat Indicator

This warning lamp lights up when the surface of the
cooking zone reaches a temperature which could cause
burning.This lamp also remains lit after the heated-up
area has been switched off as long as the residual heat
of the surface still could cause burns. The lamp will
only go out when there is no more danger (temperature
below 50°C).The lamp with four lights indicates the
corresponding cooking zones. This way it is possible to
see at once which zone still hot.



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