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Maintenance; Cleaning After Each Use; Stain Removal - Electrolux EHC 010 X Operating Instructions Manual

Glass ceramic hob
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Ceramic hobs are treated and cleaned the same way as
glass. Never use aggressive detergents or sponges with
abrasive surface.

Cleaning after each use

Slight, not burnt soiling has to be wiped off with
a damp cloth without using detergents. The use of
detergents may lead to disco-louring. These heavy
stains can not be wiped off easily by the first attempt
and sometimes not even with a special detergent.
Burnt soiling has to be removed with a scraper.
Afterwards wipe off the ceramic hob with a damp

Stain removal

Light metallic stains (aluminium remains) can be
removed from the cooled down cooking zone with
a special detergent. Calcareous deposits (caused by
overboiling water) can be removed with vinegar or
a special detergent.
Removal of sugar, sugar-containing food,plastic
objects or kitchen foil
The cooking zone involved must not be turned off!
The remains have to be scraped off the hot cooking
zone immediately with a scraper. The cooking zone
can be switched off after the removal of the soiling.
It may be cleaned with a special detergent after it
has cooled down.
The mentioned detergents are available in super-mar-
kets, electrical shops, drug stores, grocery stores and
kitchen studios.
Scrapers are available in craft shops and department
stores as well as in decoration stores.
Do not apply detergents on hot cooking zones. Best is
to let the detergent dry on the surface and to wipe it off
with a damp cloth.
If there are remains of cleaning agents wipe them off
before you turn on the heat again. Remains could cor-
ELECTROLUX declines any liability should the
appliance be used improperly and the safety mea-
sures not be observed!



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