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Important For The Disassembly Of The Hob - Electrolux EHC 010 X Operating Instructions Manual

Glass ceramic hob
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Furthermore attention should be paid to the assembly
instructions for the built-in switch box or stove to
which the hob is connected!
Protection against accidental contact must be ensu-
red by assembly.
If the hob is operated from a switch box then it is
necessary to have an intermediate bottom to ensure
protection against accidental contact!
The distance between the underside of the hob and
the furniture underneath must be at least 60 mm.
If the appliance is not connected by means of plugs,
then, at the time of installation, a device which makes
it possible to separate the appliances at all its termi-
nals from the mains by a contact gap of at least 3 mm
must be added to them.
The arrangement of the hob-built-in stove/switch box
may be seen in the form of a special table which is
given as an appendix to these instructions.
Before assembly and putting into operation of the
appliance the range of possibilities for combining the
hob with the stove/switch box is to be checked by
referring to the appropriate instructions for assembly
and putting into operation.

Important for the disassembly of the hob

The supply of mains current to the appliance must be
cut off (for example by unscrewing the safety de-
In order to take out the whole glassceramic hob, use
a medium flat screwdriver or spatula. Put it in be-
tween frame and working-table on the area where the
snap-in ressorts are located.
In terms of fire protection, the appliance conforms
to Type Y (IEC 335-2-6). Only appliances of this
type may be installed on one side of adjacent upright
furniture housings or walls.
Attention: As soon as a crack is visible in the top, the
equipment has to be disconnected from the mains.
min. 50 mm
min. 50 mm
min. 50 mm



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