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Using The Cooking Zones; The Heat Setting - Electrolux EIV9467 User Manual

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Heat setting
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5.3 Using the cooking zones

Do not place hot cookware
on the control panel. There
is a risk of damage to the
electronic parts.
Place the cookware in the centre of the
selected zone.
Induction cooking zones adapt to the
dimension of the bottom of the cookware
When you place the cookware in the
correct position, the hob recognizes it
and the appropriate control bar comes
on. A red cooking zone indicator appears
above the control bar and indicates the
position of the pot.
The hob deacti‐
vates after
4 hours
1.5 hours
Each square on the control panel
represents one cooking zone on the
induction cooking surface. Zone
indicators show which cooking zone is
controlled by the appropriate control bar.

5.4 The heat setting

Touch the control bar at the desired heat
setting or move your finger along the
control bar to set or change the heat
setting for a cooking zone.
Once you place a pot on the zone and
set the heat setting it remains the same
for 2 minutes after you remove the pot.
The control bar and the cooking zone
indicator blink for 2 minutes. If you place
the pot on the cooking zone again within
this time the heat setting reactivates,
otherwise, the cooking zone deactivates.
5.5 Bridge function
This function connects two cooking
zones and they operate as one. You can
use the function with large cookware.
1. Place the cookware on two cooking
zones. The cookware must cover the
centres of both zones.
turns white.
2. Press
to activate the function.
3. Set the heat setting.
The cookware must cover the centres of
both zones but not go beyond the area



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