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Inbouw Van Het Kookplateau - Electrolux EHC 010 X Operating Instructions Manual

Glass ceramic hob
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Inbouw van het kookplateau

Before using the hob for the first
time, read the operating and as-
sembly instructions carefully.You
protect yourself and avoid damage
of your appliance.
The appliance must be installed by a qualified
Use the hob only upon its installation. This protects
you from touching electric parts.
Repairs of electric appliances must be undertaken
by qualified electricians only. Improper repairs can
cause serious harm and danger for the user.
The appliance is only disconnected from the mains
when the fuse is turned off or the mains connection
is interrupted.
Prevent little children from touching the cook top
when in use. Children also can burn themselves by
pulling pans or pots off the hob.
The cooking zones heat up quickly when they are
turned on. Turn them on only when you have placed
a saucepan onto the cooking area.
The residual heat indicator integrated in the electro-
nics tells you whether a cooking zone is switched on
or still hot.
If you use a socket close to the hob, take care that
the cable of the appliance does not touch the hot
surface of the hob.
Be careful by using the hob as a working-table or
when depositing items on the hob's surface. The
items you place on the hob could easily catch fire
when turning on the hob accidentally. Afterwards
the hob should be cleaned thoroughly.
Never leave the hob unattended when working with
oil and fats because of the danger of fire.
Sugar (solid or liquid) as well as plastic should never
get onto the hot surface of the hob. Also, never use
plastic or aluminium foil dishes. They melt at high
temperatures and can cause fissures and cracks
when the hob cools down. Spills of sugar or melted
plastic material must be removed while the hob is
still warm and before the remains have set.
Scrape off the remains of sugar or plastic with a
scraper. Protect your hands.
Use only pans with flat bases without rough edges
to avoid remaining scratches
The ceramic hob surface is resistant to extreme
temperatures. Neither cold nor heat can harm it.
Avoid to drop anything on the hob. Punctiform
impacts, e.g. by the fall of a salt shaker, can cause
fissures and cracks.
If any cracks appear on the hob surface, the hob has
to be switched off immediately. Disconnect the
appliance from the mains and inform the service
department.A defective hob surface allows overboi-
ling food to penetrate and the contact with live parts.
Electrolux declines any liability should the applian-
ce be used improperly and the safety measures not
be observed. Please note the maintenance and clea-
ning instructions carefully. Using other hobs than
those of Electrolux-Brand excludes any liability.
Keep these operating and assembling instructions!



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