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NEC DT330 User Manual

NEC DT330 User Manual

Univerge terminal
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NEC Infrontia Corporation
2008 July


Table of Contents

Summary of Contents for NEC DT330

  • Page 1 NDA-30917 ISSUE 1.0 UNIVERGE Terminal DT330/DT310 USER’S GUIDE NEC Infrontia Corporation 2008 July...
  • Page 2 NEC Infrontia Corporation reserves the right to change the specifications, functions, or features, at any time, without notice. NEC Infrontia Corporation has prepared this document for use by its employees and customers. The information contained herein is the property of NEC Infrontia Corporation and shall not be reproduced without prior written approval from NEC Infrontia Corporation.
  • Page 4: Table Of Contents

  • Page 8: Introduction

    NTRODUCTION FACE LAYOUT DTL-32D-1 (DT330 Series) DTL-8LD-1 (DT330 Series) 205.8 [mm] 179 [mm] Exit Help Exit Help Scroll Feautre Recall Feautre Answer Recall Answer Menu PQRS WXYZ Menu PQRS WXYZ Redial Speaker HOLD Transfer Redial Speaker Transfer HOLD...
  • Page 9 DTL-24D-1 (DT330 Series) DTL-12D-1 (DT330 Series) 179 [mm] 179 [mm] Exit Help Exit Help Feautre Recall Feautre Recall Answer Answer PQRS WXYZ Menu Menu PQRS WXYZ Redial Redial Transfer Speaker HOLD Transfer Speaker HOLD...
  • Page 10 DTL-12PA-1 (DT330 Series) DTL-6DE-1 (DT310 Series) 193 [mm] 179 [mm] Exit Help Exit Help Feautre Recall Line Redial Conf Feautre Recall Answer Answer PQRS WXYZ Directory Message PQRS WXYZ Menu Speaker Transfer HOLD Redial Transfer Speaker HOLD...
  • Page 11 DTL-2E-1 (DT310 Series) 179 [mm] Feautre Recall Redial Conf Answer PQRS WXYZ Directory Message Speaker Transfer HOLD...
  • Page 12: Keys And Parts

    (1) Call Indicator Lamp KEYS AND PARTS Lamp at top corner of DT Series Display flashes when a call terminates to the terminal. Also, when • KEYS AND PARTS ON DTL-8LD-1 using Voice Mail service, the Lamp lights steadily when a message has been left. Here, explanations are given by taking DTL-8LD-1 as an example.
  • Page 13 Press ( ) or ( ) key during ringing. lights during speakerphone operation. (b) Redial (11) Menu To access the local menu of DT310/DT330, such (Last Number Call, Speed Calling-Station/ as Call History, Directory or Terminal Setting. Group) Press key to activate redial feature. Press redi-...
  • Page 14 (d) Enter (15)Speaker DT330 Series has shortcut menu for frequently- Controls the built-in speaker which can be used for used features. Use this key to display the short- Hands Free dialing/monitoring. cut menu (see SHORTCUT MENU) and deter- LED on key lights when key is active.
  • Page 15 Up/Down (only for DTL-2E-1 and DTL-6DE-1) DOWN Used to adjust LCD contrast, speaker/receiver vol- ume, and ringer volume. • LCD Contrast: Press ( ) or ( ) key while idle. • Speaker/Receiver Volume: Press ( ) or ( ) key during conversation. •...
  • Page 16 Feature Key - Feature Name 6 digits Flashing User’s Status Icon Pattern • Call Hold (c) Page Icon (Individual Hold/Individual Hold on 8LD display has four pages (8 programmable keys Call Park Group) per page). Page Icon key indicates currently dis- •...
  • Page 17 Example: Page Turning by Scroll Key Appropriate icons are displayed according to the feature. These displays cannot be changed by user. Page 1 Key No. 1 Key No. 5 Rachel Julia The following shows each LCD indication when Flashing Key No. 2 Key No.
  • Page 18: Menu Key

    Directory menu. on LCD. The Menu List is displayed in LCD. Use Cursor Key to select desired Menu Item. Press Menu key Main Menu for DT330 Series [Menu] [Menu] 1 Hisotry Answer...
  • Page 19: Icon Display

    ICON DISPLAY SHORTCUT MENU As shown in the figure below, DT330 Series has The LCD of DT330 Series displays Desktop Icons Shortcut Menu for frequently-used features. The user which provide notification when events (such as missed can access to Shortcut Menu by pressing (Enter) call and voice mail) occur.
  • Page 20: Programmable Feature Keys

    PROGRAMMABLE FEATURE KEYS MW-SET: Press key to leave message waiting indication on These are examples of DT Series features available by boss’ station from secretary’s station. pressing the programmable keys. Some features using feature access code may be programmed by the user. MW-OFF: Others must be programmed by the telephone system Press key to cancel message waiting indication on...
  • Page 21 Programmable Feature keys have a built-in Light Emitting Diode (LED) that lights or flashes according to the activity of that Feature key. Function Key Activities Feature + 0 = Side Tone On/Off. (for handset) Feature + 1 = Turns microphone on or off. Feature + 2 = Adjusts handset receiver volume.
  • Page 22: Soft Keys

    SOFT KEYS preassigned station. The Soft Keys on the DT Series provide a set of functions on the LCD that adapts to the changing state Default Displays for Each Status of the telephone. While default Soft Key settings are Default Soft Key settings are provided corresponding to provided, desired functions can be assigned to particular functions.
  • Page 23 The following shows the default display patterns of main features. BUSY FDB (Call Forwarding - Busy Line) BUSY 2000 Permits a call to a busy station to be immediately 4:26 PM TUE 13 APR 2004 forwarded to a predesignated station. >>>...
  • Page 24 MWSET (Message Waiting - Set) Busy Out. Allows a station to set a Message Waiting indication or FLASH (Flash) lamp. Provides the station with a switchhook flash. HOLD (Call Hold) FDN (Call Forward - No Answer) Permits a station user to hold a call in progress and to Permits a call to an unanswered station to be forwarded return to the previously held call.
  • Page 25 headset. another line, to the existing two-party connection. RLS (Release Key) VISIT (Survivable Remote MGC) Allows the user to release the current call when using Allows a station to indicate a status: when a user is in the headset, without waiting for the party to hang up. remote office, VISIT will be blinking.
  • Page 26: Conditions For Dt300 Series

    CONDITIONS FOR DT300 SERIES Note: When pressing and holding Help key, the menu of "Online Monitoring" will be displayed. For • Feature+0 =Side Tone On/Off (for handset) details on Online Monitoring, see ONLINE MONI- For the settings, contact to the Administrator. TORING in Chapter 10.
  • Page 27: Adjusting Angle Of Tilt Leg

    ROCEDURE ADJUSTING ANGLE OF TILT LEG • TO LOWER TILT LEG DT330/310 STEP 1: Turn the telephone set upside down. STEP 2: While lifting the center of the stopper, adjust The angle of the tilt leg can be adjusted in four levels.
  • Page 28: To Remove Tilt Leg

    TO REMOVE TILT LEG TO ATTACH TILT LEG DT330/310 DT330/310 STEP 1: Turn the telephone set upside down. STEP 1: Turn the telephone set upside down. STEP 2: Lower the tilt leg to first level. STEP 2: Align the hooks (c-h) of the tilt leg over the ap- propriate slots (C-H) of the telephone set.
  • Page 29: Connecting Line Cord

    CONNECTING LINE CORD DT330/DT310 Line Cord STEP 1: Insert Line cord plug into Line connector on the back of the telephone set until you hear it clicks. Line Connector Tilt Leg Groove Telephone Line Cord Line Cord Plug STEP 2: Thread the line cord through the groove on the back of the telephone.
  • Page 30: Installing Directory Card

    INSTALLING DIRECTORY CARD ATTACHING HANDSET DT330/310 DT330/310 STEP 1: Insert the coiled cord plug into HANDSET connector on the back of the telephone until A directory card (also known as an abbreviated dialing you hear it click. table) can be attached to the telephone sets. The directory card can be used to record often dialed numbers or other important information.
  • Page 31: Installing/Removing Key Set Unit

    INSTALLING/REMOVING KEY SET then push the four corners of the panel until the panel clicks into place. UNIT DT330/310 • TO REMOVE KEY SET UNIT Line Key Panel STEP 1: Insert a tapered rod lightly into the right side of the line key panel/button panel.
  • Page 32: Wall Mounting

    WALL MOUNTING To mount the telephone set on the wall, use the DT330/310 following procedure. A wall mount unit (WM-L UNIT) is used to mount all telephones to the wall. This unit connects to the back STEP 1: Mount the hanger of the handset upside side of the telephone.
  • Page 33 Wall Wall Wall WM-L WM-L UNIT WM-L UNIT Modular Terminal Screws Screws (suppulied) - When attaching WM-L UNIT to the wall plate: STEP 5: Insert the line cord plug (included with the Attach WM-L UNIT to the posts on the wall telephone set) into the modular connector.
  • Page 34 Line Cord Telephone Wall Line Connector Groove WM-L Modular Plug STEP 8: Insert the four tabs on WM-L UNIT in the tab slots on the back of the telephone. Tuck the excess cord into WM-L UNIT. Wall Tab Slots Tabs...
  • Page 35: Terminal Setup

    ERMINAL ETUP This chapter describes operating procedures for terminal settings by the Up/Down ( ) key, Feature Menu key and key. Various terminal settings such as display, sounds, password, and language are also available from Menu key.
  • Page 36: Setup With Up/Down Key

    SETUP WITH UP/DOWN KEY • TO ADJUST RINGER TONE DT330/310 • TO ADJUST HANDSET RECEIVER Press Up/Down ( ) key during ringing. VOLUME DT330/310 Press Up/Down ( ) key in the off-hook status or during the call. RING LCD indication for North America, Latin America, Asia, Middle East and Russia •...
  • Page 37: Setup With Feature Key

    SETUP WITH FEATURE KEY Press Feature key. The LCD displays the selected tone number (n=1 ~ 17). • MICROPHONE ON/OFF DT330/310 LED on key shows the status of the built-in RINGER TONE microphone. 4:26 PM TUE 13 APR 2004 Press soft key associated with the MIC Display or...
  • Page 38 • TO ADJUST TRANSMISSION/RECEIV- ING VOLUME HANDS FREE DT330/310 4:26 PM TUE 13 APR 2004 Handset volume can be changed. Press Feature key. The LCD displays the • CALL INDICATOR LAMP ON/OFF current volume. DT330/310 The user can choose to turn the call indicator lamp T/R VOL.
  • Page 39 Direct Dial Pad 4:26 PM TUE 13 APR 2004 Direct Dial Pad 4:26 PM TUE 13 APR 2004 Note: When this feature is ON, the user may initiate a call by immediately dialing the number and the station will go hands-free off-hook automatically. Please note when the features on the following pages are used in conjunction with Dynamic Dial Pad, that the user does not have to press the...
  • Page 40: Setup With Menu Key For Dt300 Series

    SETUP WITH MENU KEY FOR [Settings] DT300 SERIES Ring Volume • TO CHANGE RINGER TONE VOLUME Offhook Ring DT330 Back Light Headset Ring The procedure below shows how to change the volume Peripherals of ringer tone. Back While indicating the current time on LCD, press Ring Volume can be set in 13 levels (0 - 12).
  • Page 41 • TO ENABLE/DISABLE OFF-HOOK To disable/enable the off-hook ringing, select RINGING Disable or Enable. Then, press (Enter) DT330 or OK soft key. The procedure below shows how to [Offhook Ring] While indicating the current time on LCD, press Disable Menu key to open the Menu screen.
  • Page 42 • TO ENABLE/DISABLE BACKLIGHT [Settings] DT330 Ring Volume The following explains how to enable/disable the Offhook Ring backlights of LCD and digit keys. Back Light Headset Ring The backlights illuminate (for approximately 10 Peripherals seconds) when the user presses any key or lift the Back handset.
  • Page 43 • TO SET RINGING OF HEADSET To disable/enable the ringing of headset, select DT330 Disable or Enable. Then, press (Enter) or OK soft key. The procedure below shows how to enable/disable the ringing of headset. [Headset Ring] While indicating the current time on LCD, press...
  • Page 44: Basic Operation

  • Page 45: To Originate An Outside Call

    TO ORIGINATE AN OUTSIDE CALL MULTILINE APPEARANCE DT330/310 DT330/310 To Originate a Call Lift handset or press Speaker key, receive dial tone. Press the MULTILINE APPEARANCE feature key. Dial the Central Office access code, e.g. 9. Lift handset or press key.
  • Page 46: To Hold A Call

    TO HOLD A CALL Note: Hold shows as a flashing green LED on your DT330/310 phone. The same line on other phones shows as a Press key. Held line wink flashes. HOLD flashing red LED. Recall shows as a flashing...
  • Page 47: To Transfer A Call

    TRANSFER 2000 DDD 3 LED. 4:26 PM TUE 13 APR 2004 TO TRANSFER A CALL DT330/310 After conversing, ask party to hold. Press key. Receive interrupted dial tone. Transfer TRANSFER 4:26 PM TUE 13 APR 2004 Dial destination station’s extension, hang up or wait...
  • Page 48: To Originate A Call Using Speed Calling

    Display indicates digits programmed. SPEED CALLING (ONE-TOUCH Note: To program a hook switch for transfer or feature SPEED CALLING KEYS) DT330/310 activation, press Recall key as first digit. (! dis- Press the desired One-Touch Speed Calling key, plays on LCD.)
  • Page 49 LCD Indication of 8LD Display EUROPEAN CHARACTER (UPPERCASE) DIGIT Press the desired One-Touch Speed Calling key ∗ and originate a call. ∗ Registered name will be displayed as follows. For H K N Q U the key to which no name information is registered, the character “SPD”...
  • Page 50: To Register Name On One-Touch Speed Calling Key

    TO REGISTER NAME ON ONE- EUROPEAN CHARACTER (LOWERCASE) TOUCH SPEED CALLING KEY DIGIT ∗ DT330 ∗ (Available for 8LD Display terminal.) Press NAME button. à è ì ñ ù Push Speed Calling Key β á é í ò ú 4:26 PM TUE 13 APR 2004 â...
  • Page 51: To Originate A Call Using Speed Calling (-Station/Group)

    Call Using Speed Calling (One-Touch Speed Calling Keys). To Operate From Speed Calling – System TO ORIGINATE A CALL USING SPEED CALLING (-STATION/ Press the “Speed Calling – System” key. GROUP) DT330/310 Press key. Redial Press the desired speed calling number. XXXX 4:26 PM...
  • Page 52: Account Code

    ACCOUNT CODE DT330/310 Note: For North America, Account Codes can be up to 24 digits. To Enter Note: For North America, the total number of digits Lift handset or press key, receive dial tone. Speaker which can be entered for Authorization and Account Codes is 34 digits.
  • Page 53: Voice Call

    Transfer key. (V displays if pro- gramming on an DT Series with LCD. Save by VOICE CALL DT330/310 pressing One-Touch Speed Calling key.) Lift handset. Note: If called party is on their line when a Voice Call is Dial desired station number.
  • Page 54: Automatic Intercom

    If privacy is required, lift handset. lights solid green. If called station is engaged in a non-intercom call, the station may press AICM after placing original AUTOMATIC INTERCOM DT330/310 caller on hold (with key). HOLD To Initiate Lift handset or press Speaker key.
  • Page 55: Manual Intercom

    MICM after placing original caller on hold (with key). HOLD To Bridge Into A Manual Intercom Call MANUAL INTERCOM DT330/310 To Initiate Note: Bridging is an optional feature. Press MICM, lift handset or press key, ring- Speaker back tone is heard.
  • Page 56: Dial Intercom

    DIAL INTERCOM To Bridge Into A Dial Intercom Call DT330/310 To Initiate Note: Bridging is an optional feature. Lift handset or press the key. Speaker Press DICM key. Press the DICM key, lift handset or press Speaker Dial desired intercom station number. Receive ring- key.
  • Page 57: Conference

    CONFERENCE cally placed on hold. DT330/310 Dial desired party to consult. With call in progress, ask party to hold. Press key to return to original caller. Third Transfer Press key, receive interrupted dial tone. Transfer party is automatically placed on hold.
  • Page 58: Call Waiting - Originating

    CALL WAITING - ORIGINATING Lift handset or press Speaker key. Dial “Call Waiting” access code, receive dial tone. DT330/310 To Program Call Waiting Key (On One- C WAIT Touch Speed Calling Key) 4:26 PM TUE 13 APR 2004 Press Feature key.
  • Page 59: Call Park

    TUE 13 APR 2004 connected to original party. To Retrieve A Parked Call From A Remote CALL PARK Station DT330/310 To Program Call Park Key (On One-Touch Dial “Call Park” local retrieval code. Speed Calling Key) Station user is connected to parked call.
  • Page 60: Call Pick-Up (Group)

    2001 4:26 PM TUE 13 APR 2004 4:26 PM TUE 13 APR 2004 >>> CALL PICK-UP (GROUP) DT330/310 CALL PICK-UP (DIRECT) DT330/310 When Station Within Pick-up Group Rings To Program Pick-up Direct Key (One- Touch Speed Calling Key) Lift handset.
  • Page 61: Outgoing Trunk Queuing

    The desired number is automatically dialed when a PICK UP 2000 DDD trunk becomes available. 4:26 PM TUE 13 APR 2004 EXECUTIVE OVERRIDE DT330/310 If Called Station Is Busy OUTGOING TRUNK QUEUING Press OVERRIDE. DT330/310 Interrupted parties receive warning tone. If Trunk Is Busy Receive Trunk Busy indication.
  • Page 62: Last Number Redial

    CALL FORWARDING - ALL CALLS OVERRIDE 2001 DT330/310 4:26 PM TUE 13 APR 2004 To Set >>> Press Speaker key. Receive dial tone. If setting for another station, press MULTILINE Note: Override may be programmed by the Telephony Server Admin. for one of the Programmable fea- APPEARANCE.
  • Page 63: Call Forwarding - Busy Line

    FORWARD 2000 4:26 PM TUE 13 APR 2004 CALL FORWARDING - BUSY LINE Note: With Soft Key operation, FDB flashes on the dis- DT330/310 play. To Set Press key. Receive dial tone. Speaker To Cancel If setting for another station, press MULTILINE...
  • Page 64: Call Forwarding - Don't Answer

    TUE 13 APR 2004 Forwarding station >>> FORWARD 2000 4:26 PM TUE 13 APR 2004 CALL FORWARDING - DON’T ANSWER DT330/310 Note: With Soft Key operation, FDB flashes on the dis- play. To Set Press Speaker key. Receive dial tone. MULTILINE...
  • Page 65 Series of the multiline station you are setting). Press Speaker key. Call Forwarding – Don’t Answer Forwarding station is set. FORWARD 2000 4:26 PM TUE 13 APR 2004 Forwarding station FORWARD SET 2000 Note: Call Forwarding for Busy Line and Don't Answer 4:26 PM TUE 13 APR 2004 may be combined depending upon system pro-...
  • Page 66: Callback

    CALL BACK DT330/310 Note: Call Back may be programmed by the Telephony If Called Station is Busy Server Admin. on a Programmable feature key or by the user on a One-Touch Speed Calling key. Press CALL BACK. Receive service set tone.
  • Page 67: To Save And Repeat A Number

    TO SAVE AND REPEAT A NUMBER Using Soft Key DT330/310 Press flashing S&R Soft Key. Stored number is To Save automatically redialed. “S&R” disappears from dis- Press Speaker key. play. Dial desired telephone number. Press S&R. Dialed number is now stored. S&R TO LEAVE A MESSAGE LED lights.
  • Page 68: To Answer A Message

    TUE 13 APR 2004 MESSAGE CANCEL 4:26 PM TUE 13 APR 2004 TO ANSWER A MESSAGE DT330/310 Note: If station that left message is busy, callback or To Display MSG may be set. If station that left message does not answer, MSG may be set, notifying orig- MSG LED is lit.
  • Page 69: Meet-Me Paging

    MEET-ME PAGING PAGING TRANSFER DT330/310 Example: DT330/310 Station A can page Station B. When Station B dials Example: answer code, they are connected. Station A receives an important call for Station B who is not at a desk. Station A can page Station B. When...
  • Page 70: Boss/Secretary Transfer

    TUE 13 APR 2004 If Station A hung up Station B dials “Paging” answer code. Station A DT BOSS/SECRETARY TRANSFER Series rings. DT330/310 Stations A and B each display Secretary the other‚Äôs number, flashi Lift handset, press boss’ ringing line. Ask calling...
  • Page 71: Boss/Secretary - Mw Lamp Control

    BOSS/SECRETARY - MW LAMP going off-hook on the boss’ multiline and press- CONTROL ing the MW-SET key. DT330/310 To Set MW at Boss’ Station To Cancel At Boss’ Station With caller on the line With caller on the line...
  • Page 72: Boss Secretary Override

    4:26 PM TUE 13 APR 2004 4:26 PM TUE 13 APR 2004 Boss Hear 3 bursts of tone. LCD indicates: BOSS SECRETARY OVERRIDE DT330/310 Secretary’s stati number Example: Station 2000 is boss, Station 2001 is secretary. C WAIT 2001 Boss is connected to Trunk A.
  • Page 73: Do Not Disturb

    DO NOT DISTURB Option 2 DT330/310 Answer Boss presses key and converses with sec- While Idle (On Hook) retary. Trunk A is placed on hold. Press DND. LED lights. Boss presses station 01 key and converses with Answer Trunk B. Boss presses...
  • Page 74: Call Redirect

    CALL REDIRECT REDIRECT is displayed on the LCD, and the call DT330/310 immediately forwards to Station B. Example: DT Series Station A views on the DT Series display - Or - the Station Number or Caller ID of an Incoming Call...
  • Page 75: Privacy

    PRIVACY cancelled. DT330/310 While Off-Hook Note: DND must be programmed by the Telephony Server Admin. on a Programmable feature key. Press DND. LED lights. Privacy feature prevents interruptions for the dura- tion of the call. Using Soft Key PRIVACY SET Press flashing DND Soft Key.
  • Page 76: Privacy Release

    PRIVACY RELEASE DT330/310 Station B LCD indicates as follows: Example: DT Series Station B is engaged in a conversation, P-RLS? and allows DT Series Station A to enter the call in 4:26 PM TUE 13 APR 2004 progress. Station A lifts handset or presses key.
  • Page 77: Phonebook

    Highlight a desired item and then press To Search And Make A Call or OK soft key. Example: To Search For “NEC BNET”. If Local Phonebook is enabled by the setting on the system side, go to STEP 2. STEP 1: Press Pbook soft key while Station is in Idle If Local Phone is disabled, the display state.
  • Page 78 Note: If “>>>” soft Key is pressed on the above screen, the following soft keys appear. Pressing STEP 6: The registered Phonebook data for “NEC Eu-s/Eu-l soft key shifts characters between uppercase and lowercase. BNET” appears. From this screen, you can...
  • Page 79: Call History

    : Taro(JapanSumida) Number 34567890123456789 Menu Press key to display the Menu screen. On More >>> the Menu screen, select Call History (for DT330 Series) and then press or OK soft key. Display area) (or press key.) Name: Suzuki Taro(JapanSumida) Number: 01234567890123456789...
  • Page 80 12:55 PM TUE 26 FEB 2008 History 51500 Directory Pbook >>> Tool Back Go off-hook or press key to make a call to Speaker the displayed party. The history data of the last received call is dis- played. Note: While the history data is displayed, the user can- not make a call by dialing a telephone number.
  • Page 81: To Delete A Specific Data

    <<< Prfx name is displayed as follows: Note: If you want to exit from Call History, press END soft key. Name :NEC ABIKO Number :01234531300 More To Add Call History Data To Local Phonebook Note: More soft key appears in Phonebook data screen...
  • Page 82 Name :NEC ABIKO Number :31300 Entry NG(over) Enter a desired name and then press OK soft key. (In this example, “NEC ABIKO” is entered.) Add name: NEC ABIKO >>> Note: If name information is stored on the call history, the name is displayed.
  • Page 83: Call History Operation

    Series. By using Call History, the user can make a call with simple operation. Call History feature allows the telephone to register up to 10 records (for DT330 Series) into its memory. If exceeding 10 records, a record will be deleted in order of occurrence.
  • Page 84: To View Call History

    Menu key to open the Menu screen. Outgoing Calls To view the history of outgoing calls. Note: This feature is DT330 Series. [Call History] The following are examples of LCD displays of Incoming Calls: 3 DT330 Series. Outgoing Calls:...
  • Page 85 press (Right-cursor). [Incoming Calls] 19:20 PM FRI 15 FEB 2008 01. 4 13:17 09012345678 Back Note: indicate that the telephone has received a Note: If two or more records exist, use key to display missed call. the next/former records (or pressing an appropriate indicate that the telephone has received a digit key).
  • Page 86: To Make A Call From Call History

    “Private” is displayed on LCD. TO MAKE A CALL FROM CALL HIS- TORY DT330 STEP 1: Display the call history data of the target tele- phone number (see TO VIEW CALL HISTO- RY). The following is an example when the history data of an incoming call is displayed.
  • Page 87: To Delete All Data

    TO DELETE ALL DATA STEP 3: Press Del soft key. The display changes as DT330 follows: STEP 1: On the Menu screen, select Call History [Incoming Calls] and then press (Enter), (Right-cur- Delete All sor) or OK soft key. (or press key.)
  • Page 88 [Incoming Calls] Delete One Back Note: To cancel the data deletion, press or Back soft key. STEP 3: Press (Enter) or OK soft key to delete the selected history data.
  • Page 89: Specifications

    PECIFICATIONS TECHINICAL SPECIFICATIONS The following shows the technical specifications of DT 300 Series. Telephone Type 24D/12D 87 × 43mm, 168 × 58 dot matrix, 28-digit 4-line 90 × 28mm, Display (LCD) None 24-digit × 3-line * 8LD has two LCDs. Display Color Monochrome (with no shades of gray) Character on LCD...
  • Page 90: Menu List

    MENU LIST FOR DT330 Series Menu Item Description Menu Menu key while indicating the current time on LCD. Press To view call history data. Call History PHONEBOOK To access Phonebook feature. For details, see in chapter Directory To make the user setting of DT Series.
  • Page 91 Menu List For Settings Menu Item Description Default Value 3 Settings 1 Ring Volume Adjust the ringer tone volume. Level 7 2 Off Hook Ring Enable/disable Off-hook ringing. Enable 3 Back Light Enable/disable the backlights of LCD and digit keys. Enable 4 Headset Enable/disable the ringing of headset.

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