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Care And Cleaning - GE 49-60423-2 Owner's Manual

Bottom-freezer built-in refrigerators
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The door handles and trim. Clean with a cloth
dampened with soapy water. Dry with a soft cloth.
Keep the outside clean. Wipe with a clean
cloth lightly dampened with mild liquid dish
detergent. Dry with a clean, soft cloth.
Do not wipe the refrigerator with a soiled dish
cloth or wet towel. These may leave a residue
that can erode the paint. Do not use scouring
pads, powdered cleaners, bleach or cleaners
containing bleach because these products
can scratch and weaken the paint finish.
To help prevent odors, leave an open box
of baking soda in the refrigerator and freezer
Turn off power at the circuit breaker or fuse
box before cleaning. If this is not practical, wring
excess moisture out of sponge or cloth when
cleaning around switches, lights or controls.
Use warm water and baking soda solution—
about a tablespoon (15 ml) of baking soda
to a quart (1 liter) of water. This both cleans
and neutralizes odors. Thoroughly rinse
and wipe dry.

Care and Cleaning

Bottom Freezer Refrigerator
The stainless steel panels and door handles
(on some models) should be regularly cleaned
with a commercially available stainless steel
cleaner such as Stainless Steel Magic. ™
Stainless Steel Magic and the Monogram
polishing cloth are available to preserve
and protect the fine finish, through
GE Parts and Accessories, 800.626.2002,
For Stainless Steel Magic, order part number
WX10X15. For Monogram polishing cloth, order
part number WX72X10001.
Do not use appliance wax or polish on the
stainless steel.
Other parts of the refrigerator—including
door gaskets, meat and vegetable drawers,
ice storage bin and all plastic parts—can be
cleaned the same way. After cleaning the door
gaskets, apply a thin layer of petroleum jelly
to the door gaskets at the hinge side. This helps
keep the gaskets from sticking and bending
out of shape.
Avoid cleaning cold glass shelves with hot
water because the extreme temperature
difference may cause them to break. Handle
glass shelves carefully. Rough handling of
tempered glass can cause it to shatter.
Do not wash any plastic refrigerator parts
in the dishwasher.



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