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GE 49-6514 Use And Care Manual

No-frost model refrigerator
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  Summary of Contents for GE 49-6514

  • Page 1 to get tkbt .pq+”” “12V+ t?hfii! Use andCare of No~Frost model TBx2~ Energy-saving tips Energy S aver works switch How longshould you. storefoods? Questions? Use theProblem Solver...
  • Page 2 @ Don’topen the doors moreoften thannecessary. @(Hose thedoorsas soonaspossible, particdarly in hot, humid weather. @ KeepEnergy SaverSwitchin the leftpositionunlessmoistureforms cmthe outsideof the refrigerator. Help ymRIB•• help bookUWd’diy, this It is intendec! to helpyouoperam andmaintainyournewrefrigerator properly.
  • Page 3: How To Connect

    TM refrigerator must be propm%y h MaiM in accordance withthehM$@Mi4.m Ii@wctims beforeit is used.fleegrotindirkg instructions b elowandonpage4. @ .Nmwunplugyour iwfrigerator~ bypullingon thepowercord. Always g ripplugfirmlyandpull straightoutfromtheoutlet.
  • Page 4 Adjustable Mms, whichenable youto moveyourrefrigerator a way fromthewallforcleaning, a re locatedbehindthebasegrille, Theserollersshouldbe sotso the refrigerator i s firmlypositioned on theiloorandthefrontis raisedjusi enoughthatthedoorscloseeasily whenopenedabouthalfwdy. ‘To adjust rollers, removethebase grillebygraspingit at thebottom andpullingit out.
  • Page 5 Usethe ice cream test for the freezer compartment. Placea containerof ice creamin thecenter of the freezercompartment.Check it after a day.If it’stoo hard or too R,adjustthetemperaturecontrols. “-Alwaysallow24 hours for the refrigerator to reach the temperature you set. CONTROLS ‘p}~ TO STABILIZE turn huwhdd...
  • Page 6 @ Do not overloadyourfreshfood or freezercompartmentwitha lot of warmfoodat once. ~Openthe doorthe fewesttimes possibleto saveelectricalenergy. Whengoingout oftownfor several d ays,leaveasfewperishables aspossiblein therefrigerator. M your refrigerator has an icernaker,setth icernakerto the OFF positionand shutoffwaterto therefrigerator.
  • Page 7: Drawer R Emoval

    CooI’ll IFkesh Drawer equipped) models w Thisrefi-igerated draweris designed toprovide temporary lowerhumidity storage for itemssuchas: Apples ~ Oranges G+ S quash, ~ Apricots @Peaches summer o pea~ e Strawberries @Grapes IBMushrooms @Raspberries @Tangerines ~ Nectarines Mo*’n I?E’%?shDmwer (on mOWs w eqtip@) refi-igerated draweris designed This tokeepunwrapped! f oodsfreshby...
  • Page 8 Shelves i nthefi-esh food compartment areadjustable in anycombination, enabling youto makeefficient s helf arrangements t o fityourfamily’s foodstorageneeds. Toremoveshelves:Tiltshelfup at front,thenliftit up andoutofthe trackon rear waliof refrigerator. ToN@aceshelves:Selectdesired shelfheight.Withshelf frontraised slightly, e ngagetop lugsin tracksat rearof cabinet.Then lover frontof shelfuntilit locksintoposition. Temperedglassshelves(onmodels so equipped)are adjustablein the samemanner.
  • Page 9 N.a”lwmii Rk’%sh Ebodl Cmpma eq@3ped) andds MjustabiePorts-Bins caneasilybe carried fmmrefrigeriitor towork ma, ‘To remove:LifiPorts-Binstraight upuntilmounting hooksdisengage. TOrelocate:Selectdesiredshelf height,engagePorts-Bin’s h ooksin siotson thetracksof thedoor,and in.Ports-Bin willlockinplace. ~usl=i Ice*rViceshdves Oneshelf(m modelsso equipped)hohlls t wokmcube UpOllt of the tl’$3J’S Wtly. Toremoveshelf,pullit awayfrom cabinetwallto disengage pinson shelffromholesin wall, Thentiltshelfto disengage it fromsupportsat topof freezer...
  • Page 10 TOremoveshelfi Lift shelfoff shelfsupports,tiltit, andtakeit out. L Afterremovingshelf,remove shelfsupports‘by slidingthem upward.Replacethemon otherset ofmounts. 2. Lowershelfontorelocated supports. Rtiial”wid$h Shelf c ompartment 13reezer mows equipped) TOremoveshelfi Removethetwo icetray shelvesas describedat left. Thenpush up bottomof shelfuntil shelfsnapsoutof left-handsupports and off supportson cabinetwall. Toreplace sheifi Set Wirerack overleft-handsupportsandgently pulldownon shelfuntilit snaps intoplaceand rests on supportson...
  • Page 11 Formostefficient operation,youwillneedto keep thecondenserclean.Remove the basegrille(seepage4), andeither sweepawayor vacuumdustthatis readilyaccessible,Thiseasy cleaningoperationshouldbe done at leastoncea year. ‘Iio replacea lightbulb,unplug the refrigerator’s powercord plug fromthe walloutlet.Thenreach upbehindtheshield,unscrewthe burned-out b ulb,andreplaceit with a standard40-watt a ppliance bulb, yougo when Vaation For extendedvacationsor...
  • Page 12 POSSIBLE CAUSE ANDREMEDY @ &fay bein d&-~~t q c]~ W~en ~ot~r d~e~notop~rate forabout35 minutes, * Tkq3eraturecontmiin OFFposition, ‘~N’ interimlightis noton, refrigerator m aynotbepluggedin at walloutlet, @Ifplugis secureandth refrigerator s tillfailsto operat43, pluga lampor a smrdl applianceintothe sameoutlettodetermineif thereis a trippedcircuitbreakeror burnedout’ h4mR CWERA2’ES...
  • Page 13: Information Service

    I CE U..I-BE ~Doormayhavebeenleftajar. FREEZING @ Turntemperature of freezercompartment c older. ICE (XJBESHAVE ODOWTASTE ~Ice storagebinneedsto be emptiedandwashed. @ Unsealedpackagesin refrigerator and/orfreezercompartments m aybe transmitting odorhasteto icecubes. @ Interiorofrefrigeratorneedscleaning.Referto pageH. ~ Not unusualduringperiodsofhighhumidity. IMOM’LJRE F0Rh4S ONOUTSIDEOF @ NIove theEnergySaverSwitchto theright.
  • Page 14: If You Need Service

    ...-. — - .. service YouNeed o obtainservice,seeyourwarranty onthebackpageof thisbook. We’re proudofourserviceand wantyouto bepleased.If forsome reasonyouare nothappywiththe serviceyoureceive,hereare three stepsto foHow forlimther help, FUWI’, c ontactthepeoplewho servicedyourappliance. E xplain whyyouare notpleased.In most cases,thiswillsolvetheproblem. NEXT,if youarestillnotpleased, writeall thedetails-including phonenumber—to: your Manager, C onsumerRelations GeneralElectric Appliance Park Louisville, K entucky 40225...
  • Page 15 468329P04 Part No. Pub. No.49’-6514 1385 —.. This warranty h extended tci the –=—= ~ fledacwnent d house fuses breakers. resetting of circuit mii~ o Failureof the productif it is usedfor other than its intended purposeor usedmnmercially. ~ Damageto productcaused by accident,fire, floods or acts of God.