Automatic Icemaker - GE 49-60423-2 Owner's Manual

Bottom-freezer built-in refrigerators
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A newly-installed refrigerator may take
12–24 hours to begin making ice.
The icemaker will produce seven cubes per
cycle—approximately 15 cycles in a 24-hour
If the refrigerator is operated before the water
connection is made to the icemaker, set the power
switch to O (off).
When the refrigerator has been connected to
the water supply, set the power switch to I (on).
Throw away the first full bucket of ice to allow
the water line to clear.
Be sure nothing interferes with the sweep of
the feeler arm.
When the bin fills to the level of the feeler arm, the
icemaker will stop producing ice.
It is normal for several cubes to be joined together.
If ice is not used frequently, old ice cubes will
become cloudy, taste stale and shrink.
The Sabbath Mode Product Kit was designed for
use on the Jewish Sabbath and Holidays. The
Sabbath Mode feature makes it possible for
Product Kit
observant Jews to refrigerate and freezer food
during the duration of the holiday.
(available at
extra cost)
The Sabbath Mode feature can be set to override
typical reactions to actions in your refrigerator.
While in the Sabbath Mode, your refrigerator will
still operate normally. However, the refrigerator
will not respond to your actions.
While in the Sabbath Mode, you may notice
the fan running when the door is opened;
however, this is not a result of your actions. The
fan will operate at random times. The defrost
heater will continue to defrost the refrigerator
and freezer and will be activated on a timer. The
defrost heater will not defrost as a result of door
openings or any consumer actions.

Automatic Icemaker

and Sabbath Mode Product Kit
(on some models)
If ice cubes get stuck in the icemaker, set the power
switch to O (off) and remove the cubes. Set the
power switch to I (on) to restart the icemaker.
After the icemaker has been turned on again, there
will be a delay of about 45 minutes before the
icemaker resumes operations.
The ice bucket is conveniently located in the upper
freezer basket. Occasionally ice cubes may spill
out of the bucket. Should the ice cubes fall to the
bottom of the freezer, they are of no concern; they
will sublimate away harmlessly.
NOTE: In homes with low water pressure, you may
hear the icemaker water valve cycle on several
times when making one batch of ice.
ON/OFF—To activate, raise the top grille
panel, set the Sabbath Mode switch to the
ON position. A green LED light will be visible
below the Sabbath Mode Kit switch. The green
light may not be visible with the top grille panel
closed. If you are not sure if the unit is in
Sabbath Mode, raise the grille panel and
see if the green light is on.
temperature control, door alarms and lights
will be disabled.
ICEMAKER—The icemaker will be disabled.
This Sabbath Mode Product Kit can be purchased
from your local appliance dealer. The ZSAB1 Kit
is designed for use with Monogram Built-In
Refrigerators: 36", 42" and 48" Side-by-Side
models manufactured after February 2004 and
36" Bottom-Freezer models manufactured after
April 2004. To locate your nearest dealer, visit
our web site or call
1.800.626.2000. In Canada, call 1.800.561.3344.
Order Kit # ZSAB1.
NOTE: The Sabbath Mode Product Kit must be
installed by a qualified service technician.
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