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GE WA5857R Use And Care Manual page 9

Ge washer user manual
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(1 .125 kg).
Delicate loads such as lingerie, panty hose, girdles,
blouses, sweaters, socks, shirts, baby clothes and
other small, delicate hand-washables.
How to Wash a Small Load of Regular Fabrics or Delicate Hand-Washables
1. Remove the Filter-Flo pan.
2. Place Mini-Basket
tub on agitator.
Pull the agitator
toward the front
of the machine for
easier installation and
removal of Mini-Basket tub.
3. Put detergent in the bottom of the Mini-Basket
tub before loading clothes (about the same amount
you w"ould use for a small load in the regular wash
basket). See How Much Detergent Should You
Use section for more information.
4. Load clothes in the Mini-Basket tub.
5. Replace theFilter-Flo pan
It serves as a lid to keep
the clothes in the Mini-
Basket tub.
Special Instructions for Use of the Mini-Basket ~b
The Mini-Basket tub can be used with any cycle
except the SOAK cycle.
Do not wash clothes in the regular wash basket
when using the Mini-Basket tub. There will not
be enough water in the regular basket and damage
to clothes could result.
(up to 2fi pounds)
Stuffed toys.
Tennis shoes.
6. Add bleach, if desired.
Measure c~efully and
pour recommended
amount of liquid
bleach—1/4 cup
(60 ml)—directly
into the bleach disuenser. %6.
See How to Use the Bleach
Dispenser section for more information.
7. Close washer lid
and set controls
as follows:
—Set Water Level to
—Select desired cycle
(Regular, Permanent Press, or Knits).
See Operating Instructions.
8. Pull Cycle Selector knob out to start washer,
When washing stockings, panty hose and other
easily tangled items, always handle separately.
To minimize tangling, we recommend the use of
a net laundry bag.
Water Level



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