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GE WA5857R Use And Care Manual page 8

Ge washer user manual
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How to Use the Filter-Flo Pan
The Filter-Flo pan is the lint
pan on the agitator after
loading clothes into
the washer. Lint is
easily seen and removed
after the wash is finished.
How to Use the Bleach Dispenser
liquid bleach only.
If you prefer to
use powdered
bleach, pour it
into the bleach dispenser.
How to Use the Soak Cycle
temperature will
be cold.
For a hot or
warm soak, set the
Wash/Rinse Temp.
control to HOT/COLD
or WARM/COLD and
turn the Cycle Selector
knob to NORMAL in
the Regular Cycles.
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NOTE: Do not use the Filter-Flo pan as a wash
basket. Do not put items to be washed in the
Filter-Flo pan. Do not place detergent packets
in the Filter-Flo pan.
The Filter-Flo pan also serves as a lid for the
Mini-Basket tub. See How to Use the Mini-Basket
Tub section.
Measure bleach carefully. Here are some
recommended amounts:
LARGE WATER LEVEL—I X cup (310 ml) liquid
SMALL WATER LEVEL—2/3 cup ( 170 ml) liquid
MINI-BASKET tub—1/4 cup (60 ml) liquid
Pour measured amount of 1 iquid bleach directly into
bleach dispenser.
Do not overfill or allow dispenser to overflow.
Avoid splashing. Undiluted bleach can cause
fabric damage.
Never pour undiluted liquid bleach directly onto
clothes or into the wash basket or Mini-Basket
Start the washer. After washer fills and begins to
agitate, push in the Cycle Selector knob and turn to
SOAK CYCLE. Pull out the Cycle Selector knob to
complete the cycle.
For an extended soak, allow the washer to fill and
agitate for a few minutes to dissolve the soaking
agent. Then push in the Cycle Selector knob to stop
the washer (keep lid closed) and allow to soak for as
long as desired. After desired soak period, pull out the
Cycle Selector knob to complete the cycle.



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