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GE WA5857R Use And Care Manual page 18

Ge washer user manual
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1. Try to remove stains as soon as possible. The
fresher the stain, the easier it is to remove.
2. Before attempting to remove any stain, take
these steps:
Find the fabric and the finish in the chart on the
next page, and use only recommended methods.
Check the care label instructions that came with
the garment.
Stain Removal Hint—Using Chlorine Bleach for White and Bleachable Fabriw
Mix 1/4 cup (60 ml) chlorine bleach with one gallon (3.8 liters) of cool
water—approximately 80°F. (27°C.)—in a sink or pan. Soak stained area
for 5 minutes and launder in washer.
The Case of the "Invisible" Shin
Food or cooking oils on your synthetic garments
may cause stains which are virtually invisible and
which you may not notice as you put your clothes
into the washer.
Once These Spoti Become Visible, How Can You Remove Them?
Rub in undiluted liquid detergent and let stand 30 minutes.
Rewash using hottest water the fabric can stand.
How Can You Prevent These "After-You-Wash" Stains?
Increase the amount of detergent normally used.
Increase water temperature where fabric will permit.
Wash synthetic garments more often.
Test stain removal product on a hidden inside
seam or on a sample of the materiai.
Avoid use of hot water on unknown stains. It can
set some stains.
3. Follow stain removal with a thorough rinsing.
4. Wash with recommended amount of soap or
If these stains are not completely removed in the wash,
the oily spots may pick up dirt from the wash water.
Then they will become very visible and you may think
they were caused by the wash cycle itself.



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