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GE WA5857R Use And Care Manual page 10

Ge washer user manual
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If your clothes and household
items don't look clean and fresh
after washing, you will probably
rewash them.. and that means
you'll waste energy. Remember to
sort your clothes carefully, and
load them properly, select correct
cycles, use enough detergent and
choose a water temperature warm
enough to release and get rid
of soil.
Use Hot Wash—up to 150°F.
when washing heavily soiled
articles-such as work and
Under normal soil conditions,
wash in water above 80°F.
using the Warm Wash
temperature setting on your
approximately 90°F.–l 10°F.
comfortable. If you notice that
soil has accumulated after several
consecutive washings, use Hot
Wash occasionally, if safe
for fabrics.
Try to wash less often. Save
articles of the same type of fabric
until you have a full load.
If you must wash smaller loads,
adjust the amount of water.
Small loads should have lower
water levels.
Wash in off-peak utility hours.
Your local utility can tell you
which are the off-peak hours.
Use your Mini-Basket tub for
very small loads. It uses less
water than the small water level
in the big tub on this washer.
You will also save on detergent
and energy.



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