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GE WA5857R Use And Care Manual page 21

Ge washer user manual
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Improper soaking with insufficient detergent. Usually a 30-minute soak is sufficient.
However, when using extended soaks for heavily soiled garments, you may need to use
twice the recommended amount of detergent.
Use of soap in hard water. Switch to a phosphate detergent, or follow six steps at
bottom of previous page.
Washing too long may result in increased soil deposition. Use shorter wash times for
smaller loads.
Detergent dissolves too slowly. Detergent must be present in the wash solution at the
start of agitation. See Detergent, Other Additives section.
To restore grayed clothes, follow one of these procedures:
1. Put clothes in washer. Fill with HOT water. Check Manufacturer's Care Labels to
determine if hot water is suitable for garment.
Add a non-precipitating type of water softener such as Calgon brand with phosphate—
use 2Yz times as much as you need for normal water softening.
Allow clothes to go through complete cycle.
Repeat, if necessary.
2. If you prefer to use the Soak cycle, see How to Use the Soak Cycle section. Use
the water softener in place of soak agent or prewash detergent and allow clothes to
soak for about 20 minutes.
3. Use the Mini-Basket tub. See How to Use the Mini-Basket Tub section. Increase
Incomplete removal of body soil due to constant use of insufficient detergent.
Check hem of T-shin or pillow case. If they are white and center is yellow, it contains
body oil. Restore whiteness following procedures in Grayed Clothes, above.
Chlorine bleach may yellow some fabrics with resin finishes. Use oxygen bleach (such
as Clorox 2 brand). Refer to Garment Manufacturer's Care Instructions. Restore color
using color remover (such as Rit or Tintex brands), following package directions.
Iron or manganese in water may cause overall yellowing or yellow spots.
Use extra detergent plus a non-precipitating water softener dissolved in water before
adding clothes. Use non-chlorine bleach.
Have a special filter or chemical feeder installed in your home to remove iron and
manganese from water.
Run hot water for a few minutes to clean iron residue buildup in lines; drain water
heater occasionally.
To remove spots: Spread stained portion over pan of boiling water and squeeze
lemon juice through stain. To remove overall yellow, use a commercially available
rust scale remover, following package instructions. If porcelain damage can occur,
do not use in the washer; use a plastic container.
Improper use of fabric softener. Never pour fabric softener directly on clothes; always
dilute before adding to rinse water. See Other Laundry Products section. To remove
stains: Dampen stained area and rub with undiluted liquid detergent. Rewash, using
chlorine bleach if safe for fabric.
Some fabrics will shrink whether washed in a washer or by hand; others maybe safely
washed but will shrink in a dryer. Follow Garment Manufacturer's Care Instructions
exactly. If in doubt, do not machine wash or dry.



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