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Casio DT-81D User Manual page 42

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Using the High-Speed Charger Unit
Insert the lithium-ion battery pack you want to
charge into the High-Speed Charger Unit with
its terminals facing down.
This causes the CHARGE indicator to light red
to indicate that charging has started.
The following shows how the charge
indicator shows the status of the charge.
Lit Red: Charging
Lit Green: Charge complete
Flashing Red: Battery pack problem
Flashing green: Charging interrupted because
ambient temperature is outside of allowable
range for charging. Charging will resume when
temperature is back within the allowable
It takes about 2.5 hours to attain a full
After the charging operation is complete
(indicated when the CHARGE indicator lights
green), slide the release lever forward and
remove the battery pack from the High-Speed
Charger Unit.
• Never allow the AC adaptor cord to bend too sharply. Doing so can
result in a broken electrical connection.
• If the CHARGE indicator flashes red during charging, remove the
battery pack and re-insert it. If the red flashing continues, it means that
the battery pack is faulty. Replace it with another one.
• Use the High-Speed Charger Unit only to charge the lithium-ion battery
packs specified for it.
• A battery pack naturally discharges after it is charged. Because of this,
you should use a battery pack as soon as possible after charging it.
• This High-Speed Charger Unit is designed to automatically interrupt
charging whenever ambient temperature is outside the range of 0 C to
40 C.
• In order to ensure good speed charge results, keep the terminals of the
High-Speed Charger Unit and battery pack clean by periodically wiping
them off with a cotton swab or dry cloth.
CHARGE indicator
Charging can also be performed
with the lithium-ion battery pack
cover in place.
Release lever



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