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Charging The Battery Pack - Casio DT-81D User Manual

Data collector
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Charging the Battery Pack

The following procedure can be used only when a lithium-ion battery pack is loaded in the
Data Collector.
Turn on the power of the Optical
Communication Unit, and confirm that its
power indicator lights up red.
Attach the Data Collector to the Optical
Communication Unit, making sure their
infrared ports come into close contact with
each other. The color of the Optical
Communication Unit power indicator changes
to green when proper connection is achieved.
The charge indicator lights up red when
charging starts.
Charge Indicator
Red: Charging
Green: Charging complete
Flashing Red: Defective battery pack
Flashing Green: Temperature outside of
allowable charging range (Charging will
resume with a return to normal
• If the charge indicator starts to flash red during charging, remove the
battery pack and then reattach it. If this does not solve the problem, it
means that the battery pack is defective and needs to be replaced.
• Use only the specified battery pack.
• Battery packs naturally discharge even when they are not loaded in
the Data Collector. Use a battery pack as soon as possible after
charging it.
• The allowable battery pack charging temperature range is 0 C to 40 C.
Outside this range, charging can result in battery fluid leakage and
generation of heat. It can also cause deterioration of battery pack
performance and shorten battery pack life.
• For best charging results, keep the Optical Communication Unit, Data
Collector and battery pack contacts clean by periodically wiping them
off with a cotton swab or dry cloth.
Infrared port
System operation indicator
Data communication indicator
Charge indicator
Power supply indicator
switch (ON)



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