Installing The Flip-Top Cash Drawer - HP Heavy Duty Cash Drawer User Manual

Cash drawers for point of sale system
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To remove the base from the Standard Duty Cash Drawer, use a #2 Phillips screwdriver to
remove the six screws that secure the base to the case, then lift the base assembly off the
Figure 2-6
Remove the till and inner drawer from the cash drawer.
Replace the base by reinserting it from the front of the case and under the case side flanges.
Engage the base with the tabs at the rear of the case.
Reattach the base and case with the screws. Be sure the drawer front is lined up with the front
edge of the case.

Installing the Flip-Top Cash Drawer

Select a sturdy, level work surface to install the Flip-Top Cash Drawer ensuring the following:
the work surface is as flat and level as possible
there is, at minimum, a 0.78 inch/2 mm clearance at the sides of the cash drawer for proper
lid operation (see embosses on the rear of the cash drawer to ensure clearance for proper
lid operation)
there is a minimum of 18.27 inches/464 mm from the front of the cash drawer for check
stand opening
Removing the Case (Standard Duty Cash Drawer)
Installing the Flip-Top Cash Drawer


Table of Contents

Table of Contents