Activating Or Deactivating The Lock - Miele F 12011 S-1 Operating And Installation Manual

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Customising settings
^ Press the Temperature button
repeatedly until the brightness level
required is reached.
The more fields of the temperature
display which light up, the brighter
the display.
To confirm the altered setting:
^ Press the Super freeze button briefly.
The Brightness symbol
The newly selected setting has been
To come out of Settings mode:
^ Press the On/Off button.
^ Wait for 5 minutes.
The Menu and Brightness symbols
will go out.
The temperature display will show
the required temperature.

Activating or deactivating the Lock

The Lock can be activated to prevent
the appliance being switched off by
– To activate the Lock
^ Press the Super freeze button for
approx. five seconds.
The Menu symbol
Settings mode is now activated. The
Lock symbol
will flash.
^ Press the Super freeze button briefly
to call up the Lock function.
The Lock symbol
The -15 °C and -21 °C fields will light
up in the temperature display.
^ Press the Super freeze button briefly
to switch the Lock function on.
The Lock symbol
The -15 °C and -21 °C fields in the
temperature display will go out.
will light up;
will start flashing.
will light up.
will start


Table of Contents

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Table of Contents