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Alarm System; Temperature Alarm - Miele F 12011 S-1 Operating And Installation Manual

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Temperature alarm

Your appliance has been fitted with a
warning system which ensures that the
temperature in the appliance cannot
rise unnoticed.
Activating the alarm system
The alarm system is always active. It
does not have to be switched on
Temperature alarm
If the temperature becomes too warm,
the temperature display and the Alarm
will flash.
The temperature the appliance is set at
determines the temperature the
appliance recognises as being too
For example, the temperature display
and the Alarm symbol
– when freezing large amounts of food
at once,
– when freezing fresh food which is still
– if a lot of room air enters the freezer
when food is being loaded,
re-arranged or taken out,
– in the event of a power cut,
– if the appliance has a fault.
The Alarm symbol
the temperature reaches the correct
level again.
may flash,
will go out when
However, if the temperature in the
freezer remains above -18 °C for a
long time, check that the frozen food
has not started to defrost. If it has,
check that it is still safe to use, and if
so, use it as quickly as possible.
Defrosted food may only be
re-frozen after it has been cooked.



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