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Switching On And Off; Before Using For The First Time; Switching On; Switching Off - Miele F 12011 S-1 Operating And Installation Manual

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Switching on and off

Before using for the first time

^ Clean the inside of the appliance and
the accessories with lukewarm water
and a little washing-up liquid, and
then dry with a soft cloth.

Switching on

^ Press the On/Off button.
The appliance will start to cool.
The temperature display and the alarm
will flash until the
temperature in the freezer is cold
To enable the temperature to get
sufficiently cold inside the
appliance, allow it to run for a few
hours before placing food in it.
Do not place food in the appliance
until the temperature is at least

Switching off

^ Press the On/Off button until the
display goes out.
The cooling system is switched off.
Switching off for longer
periods of time
If the appliance is not going to be used
for a longer period of time, e.g. whilst
on holiday:
^ switch the appliance off,
^ disconnect it from the mains,
^ clean the appliance out and
^ leave the door ajar to air it.
If, during a long absence, the
appliance is switched off but not
cleaned out and the door is left shut,
there is a danger of mould and
odours building up inside the



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