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Toshiba DMF102XKU Setup Manual page 11

Digital media frame
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1: Wi-Fi can be used to connect to
FrameChannel® and Picasa ™ services.
2: Use of FrameChannel® or Picasa™
services for uploading requires a personal
computer and a working Internet connection.
To receive FrameChannel® or Picasa ™
services on your Digital Media Frame, you
need a working Wi-Fi connection. These
services may be limited or unavailable based
on conditions, factors, or events outside
Toshiba's control, such as your Internet
provider contract, connection, router, wiring,
and other network and/or transmission condi-
tions. You are responsible for any telephone
or broadband service charges incurred as a
result of using such services.
Such services are provided by third parties,
and the availability, functionality, and/or
content thereof may be changed, removed,
discontinued, interrupted, restricted, or
disabled at any time. Toshiba makes no
warranties, representations, or assur-
ances about the content, availability or
functionality of third-party services. Without
altering or restricting this general disclaimer,
Toshiba expressly disclaims any liability
for changes, removals, discontinuations,
interruptions, restrictions, or disablement of
the FrameChannel®, Picasa
or any other
third-party services.
3: DRM-protected files cannot be played
back. For supported storage media and file
format types, please refer to owner's manual
4: 1 GB (gigabyte). This represents the
capacity of the flash memory in your Digital
Media Frame. Flash memory devices as well
as the PC's operating system calculate the
storage capacity as 1GB (gigabyte)
= 1,073,741,824 bytes. Available storage
capacity will be less as some listed capacity
is used for formatting, preinstalled content
and/or other functions.



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