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Toshiba DMF102XKU Setup Manual page 14

Digital media frame
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The software pre-installed in the TOSHIBA
Digital Media Frame consists of multiple,
independent software components. Each soft-
ware component is copyrighted by TOSHIBA
or a third party. The TOSHIBA Digital Media
Frame uses software components that are
distributed as freeware under a third-party
end-user license agreement or copyright
notice (hereinafter referred to as a "EULA").
Some EULAs require that the source code
of the applicable component be disclosed
as the condition for distributing the software
component in executable format. You can
check the software components subject to
such EULA requirements on the following
phone number: 1-800-631-3811.
TOSHIBA provides a warranty for the
TOSHIBA Digital Media Frame you have
purchased under conditions set forth by
However, some of the software components
distributed under an EULA are made available
for use by the user on the assumption that
they are not copyrighted or warranted by
TOSHIBA or any third party. These software
components are licensed to the user free of
charge and therefore not covered by any war-
ranty within the scope of the applicable laws.
These software components are not subject
to any copyrights or other third-party rights
and are provided in "as is" condition without
any warranty, whether express or implied.
"Warranty" here includes, but not limited to,
an implied warranty for marketability or fitness
for specific uses. All risks associated with the
quality or performance of these software com-
ponents are assumed by the user. TOSHIBA
shall not be liable whatsoever for any cost
of repair or correction or other incidental
expense incurred in connection with a defect
found in any of these software components.
Unless specified under the applicable laws or
in a written agreement, a party who changes
or redistributes the software with consent
from the copyright holders or based on the
aforementioned licenses shall not be held
liable whatsoever for any loss arising from
the use of or inability to use such software
components. The same applies even when
the copyright holders or relevant third parties
have been informed of the possibility of such
loss. "Loss" here includes normal, special,
incidental and indirect loss (including, but not
limited to, the loss of data or its accuracy; loss
incurred by the user or any third party; and
interface incompatibility with other software).
Please read each EULA for details on the use
conditions and items that must be observed
regarding these software components.
Please see "License Information on the
Software Used in the TOSHIBA Digital Media
Frame" in the Owner's Manual about the
software components pre-installed in the
TOSHIBA Digital Media Frame, which are
subject to EULAs. The user should read the
applicable EULAs carefully before using
these software components. The EULAs
are shown in their original text (English) as
exactly written by the respective parties other
The Owner's Manual can be downloaded
from the website at www.toshibaframe.



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