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Toshiba DMF102XKU Setup Manual page 7

Digital media frame
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9. Protect the power cord from being walked
on or pinched particularly at plugs, conve-
nience receptacles, and the point where they
exit from the apparatus.
10. Only use attachments/accessories
specified by the manufacturer.
11. Unplug this apparatus during lightning
storms or when unused for long periods
of time. However, while it is thundering or
lightning, do not touch the apparatus and any
connected cable and/or equipment. This will
prevent you from receiving the electric shock
by an electric surge.
12. Refer all servicing to qualified service
personnel. Servicing is required when the ap-
paratus has been damaged in any way, such
as power-supply cord or plug is damaged,
liquid has been spilled or objects have fallen
into the apparatus, the apparatus has been
exposed to rain or moisture, does not operate
normally, or has been dropped.
13. When you use headphones, keep the
volume at a moderate level. Using head-
phones continuously with high volume levels
may permanently damage your hearing.
14. Do not overload wall outlets; extension
cords, or integral convenience receptacles as
this can result in a risk of fire or electric shock.
15. Apparatus shall not be exposed to
dripping or splashing and no objects filled with
liquids, such as vases, shall be placed on the
apparatus and/or around it.
16. Do not place a vessel containing liquid
(such as a vase), or a metal object on top
of the apparatus. Fire or Electric shock may
result if liquid or metal objects enter the
17. Do not rest the product on your lap or
other parts of body. The product may become
warm during use. Even low temperatures may
cause personal injury when exposed to your
skin for prolonged periods.
18. Use the supplied AC adaptor to operate
the product. Substitute devices not specified
by the manufacturer may result in fire or
product malfunction. Do not cover the AC
adaptor with a blanket or place it near heating
or on electric carpet when it is in use.
19. WARNING: To prevent the spread of fire,
keep candles or other open flames away from
this product at all times.
20. CAUTION: If the digital media frame is
dropped and the cabinet or enclosure surface
has been damaged or the digital media frame
does not operate normally, take the following
• ALWAYS turn off the digital media frame
and unplug the AC adaptor to avoid possible
electric shock or fire.
• NEVER allow your body to come in contact
with any broken glass or liquid from the
damaged digital media frame. The LCD
panel inside the digital media frame contains
glass and a toxic liquid. If the liquid comes in
contact with your mouth or eyes, or your skin
is cut by broken glass, rinse the affected area
thoroughly with water and consult your doctor.
• ALWAYS contact a service technician to
inspect the digital media frame any time it has
been damaged or dropped.
21. Use the digital media frame in a location
that facilitates the immediate removal of the
plug if there is a malfunction or failure.
22. Do not allow children to scratch, lick or
put the memory card into their mouth. Keep
the memory card out of the reach of children.
Injury to the child or malfunction may result.
23. Should you ever notice a strange odor,
smoke, or excessive heat coming from the
digital media frame, remove the AC adaptor.
Continued use in this state might cause fire,
electric shock, or burns. For details on repair,
consult Toshiba Customer Service.
24. Coin-shaped Battery
a) CAUTION: Danger of explosion if battery
is incorrectly replaced. Replace only with the
same or equivalent type.
b) The remote control battery contains
Perchlorate Material - special handling may
apply. See
c) Keep coin-shaped batteries out of children's
reach. Be careful not to ingest internally,
especially by children, as doing so may cause
d) Do not install the battery backwards. Follow
the instructions for battery replacement.
e) Do not charge, heat, open, or short-circuit
the batteries. Do not throw the batteries into
a fire.



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