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Wireless Lan Information - Toshiba DMF102XKU Setup Manual

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Wireless Interoperability
This product is designed to be interoperable
with any wireless LAN product that is based
on Direct Sequence Spread Spectrum
(DSSS)/Orthogonal Frequency Division
Multiplexing(OFDM) radio technology, and is
compliant to:
• The IEEE 802.11 Standard on Wireless
LANs (Revision BIG), as defined and
approved by the Institute of Electrical and
Electronics Engineers.
• The Wireless Fidelity (Wi-Fi) certification
as defined by the Wi-Fi Alliance. The "Wi-Fi
CERTIFIED" logo is a certification mark of the
Wi-Fi Alliance.
Bluetooth® and Wireless LAN devices oper-
ate within the same radio frequency range
and may interfere with one another. If you use
Bluetooth and Wireless LAN devices simul-
taneously, you may occasionally experience
a less than optimal network performance or
even lose your network connection.
If you should experience any such problem,
immediately turn off either one of your
Bluetooth or Wireless LAN.
Wireless LAN and your Health
Wireless LAN products, like other radio
devices, emit radio frequency electromag-
netic energy. The level of energy emitted by
Wireless LAN devices however is far much
less than the electromagnetic energy emitted
by wireless devices like for example mobile
Because Wireless LAN products operate
within the guidelines found in radio frequency
safety standards and recommendations,
TOSHIBA believes Wireless LAN is safe for
use by consumers. These standards and
recommendations reflect the consensus
of the scientific community and result from
deliberations of panels and committees of
scientists who continually review and interpret
the extensive research literature.
In some situations or environments, the
use of Wireless LAN may be restricted by
the proprietor of the building or responsible
representatives of the organization. These
situations may for example include:
• Using the Wireless LAN equipment on
board of airplanes, or
• In any other environment where the risk of
interference to other devices or services is
perceived or identified as harmful.
If you are uncertain of the policy that applies
on the use of wireless devices in a specific
organization or environment (e.g. airports),
you are encouraged to ask for authorization to
use the Wireless LAN device prior to turning
on the equipment.



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