Emerson HD8120 Owner's Manual

Personal cd / mp3 player with lightweight, stereo headphones


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  • Page 1 PERSONAL CD / MP3 PLAYER with LIGHTWEIGHT STEREO HEADPHONES OWNER’ S MANUAL HD8120 Visit our web site at www.emersonradio.com HD8120_022004.p65 20/2/2004, 11:23...
  • Page 2 The serial number of your CD/MP3 player can be found on the bottom cabinet. We suggest that you record the serial number of your unit in the space below for future reference. Model Number: HD8120 Serial Number: HD8120_022004.p65 20/2/2004, 11:22...
  • Page 3: Important Notes

    IMPORTANT NOTES WARNING: TO PREVENT FIRE OR SHOCK HAZARD, DO NOT EXPOSE THIS UNIT TO RAIN OR MOISTURE. Avoid installing the unit in locations described below: • Places exposed to direct sunlight or • Dusty places. close to heat radiating appliances such •...
  • Page 4: Preparation For Use

    PREPARATION FOR USE REMOVE THE TRANSIT CARD This personal CD/MP3 player is shipped with a dummy CD ‘ transit card ‘ inside the CD compartment. The purpose of this card is to prevent the laser from moving during shipment of the product. This card must be removed before using the CD player.
  • Page 5: Installing The Batteries

    INSTALLING THE BATTERIES Note: The battery compartment is located inside the CD compartment. 1.) Slide the OPEN switch to the right to open the CD door. If you have not already done so, remove the dummy CD ‘ transit card’ and discard it. 2.) Press the battery door locking tab in the direction of the ‘...
  • Page 6 CONNECTING THE OPTIONAL AC ADAPTER (NOT INCLUDED) 1.) Connect the small female plug of the optional AC adapter to the “DC IN 4.5 V” jack on the right side of the CD player. 2.) Connect the adapter housing to your 120V 60Hz AC outlet. DC 4.5V INPUT JACK TO 120V/60Hz AC OUTLET OPTIONAL AC/DC ADAPTER...
  • Page 7 CONNECTING THE STEREO HEADPHONES Connect the plug of the supplied stereo headphones to the green-colored headphone jack on the left side of the cabinet. NOTE: Make sure the headphone plug is inserted into the headphone jack as far as it will go. If the plug is not fully inserted, you may only hear sound from one side of the headphones.
  • Page 8: Location Of Controls And Indicators

    LOCATION OF CONTROLS AND INDICATORS 8 10 9 5 12 6 OPEN Switch – Slide to the right to unlock and open the CD door. . 2.) VOLUME Control – Raises or lowers the volume. PHONES Jack – Connect stereo headphones, included, to this jack. 4.) HOLD Switch.
  • Page 9: Lcd Display Indicators

    LCD DISPLAY INDICATORS 9 10 11 1.) Scrolling information Display. 2.) Directory (Album) Number. 3.) Track Number Display. 4.) PROG (Program) Indicator – Appears when programming tracks or playing programmed tracks. 5.) DIR (Directory) Indicator. 6.) SHUFF (Shuffle) Indicator – Appears when Random playback mode is selected.
  • Page 10: Special Functions

    OPERATING INSTRUCTIONS SPECIAL FUNCTIONS HOLD Switch The HOLD switch on the left side of the cabinet must CD HOLD be in the ‘ Off’ (left) position to start the CD player. If you plan to carry the CD player in a handbag, PLAY briefcase, school bag, back pack, etc, slide the HOLD switch to the ‘...
  • Page 11 Electronic Skip Protection (ESP) This CD player includes an Electronic Skip Protection circuit that continuously stores 40 seconds of CD music (100 seconds for MP3 discs) in an electronic memory. If the player is bumped or shaken you will not hear any skipping because the player is reading from the memory, not directly from the disc.
  • Page 12: Normal Cd Playback

    NORMAL CD PLAYBACK • Make sure you have installed the batteries. • Make sure the HOLD switch is set to the ‘ Off’ (left) position. • Make sure to set the VOLUME control to a low setting before you put on the headphones.
  • Page 13: Pause Control

    NOTES: • If the disc is a normal CD the “CD” indicator appears in the display. If the disc contains compressed MP3 files the “MP3” indicator will appear in the display. • If the disc contains compressed MP3 files the “READING” process will take longer before playback begins.
  • Page 14: Play Mode Button

    PLAY MODE BUTTON Pressing the MODE button during playback cycles the player through the following four special playback modes: REPT(Repeat) 1 REPT ALL INTRO SHUFF (Random) Playback. REPEAT PLAYBACK The player can be programmed to continuously repeat a single track or the entire disc automatically.
  • Page 15 INTRO (Intro Scan) PLAYBACK The Intro Scan feature plays only the first 10 seconds of each track on the disc. This feature is useful when you are trying to find a particular song but you cannot remember the title. 1.) Load your disc in the player as usual and press the PLAY/PAUSE button to begin playback.
  • Page 16: Programmed Playback

    PROGRAMMED PLAYBACK You can program up to 20 tracks on a disc to play in any desired order. NOTE: You cannot program a disc during playback. If the disc is playing press the STOP button first to stop playback and then follow the programming steps below. 1.) While the total tracks and playing time appear on the display press the PROG/EQ button once.
  • Page 17 MP3 CD PLAYBACK CDs that contain compressed MP3 audio files can store approximately 10 times as much music as a normal CDs. It is possible to record up to 10 hours of music in MP3 format on a single disc. Audio files may be downloaded from the Internet onto your computer’...
  • Page 18 MP3 CD “READING” TIME AND DISPLAY INFORMATION As mentioned on previous page, because MP3 CDs contain much more information than normal CDs it takes longer for the player to ‘ Read’ an MP3 disc and display the Table of Contents information. After you load an MP3 CD in the player and press the PLAY/PAUSE button the player will read each of the ‘...
  • Page 19 MP3 CD PLAYBACK In the above example playback will continue until all 172 tracks have been played, as long as the batteries have sufficient power. The PLAY/PAUSE, SKIP FWD, SKIP REV and STOP controls have the same functions for MP3 CDs as they do for normal CDs. To skip quickly from a track in one directory to a track in another directory, proceed as follows: 1.) Load your MP3 CD in the player, press the PLAY/PAUSE button, wait until the...
  • Page 20 MP3 CD REPEAT PLAYBACK There are 3 Repeat Playback options with MP3 CDs. In addition to the Repeat 1 Track and Repeat All Tracks options which are the same for normal CDs, you may also select Directory Repeat Mode to repeat all the tracks contained in a single Directory (Album).
  • Page 21 MP3 CD INTRO SCAN AND RANDOM PLAYBACK MODES These functions operate the same way for MP3 CDs as they do for normal CDs. Intro Scan Begin playback of the MP3 CD as usual and then press the MODE button until the “INTRO”...
  • Page 22 MP3 CD PROGRAMMED PLAYBACK • When programming the tracks on an MP3 CD you must also select the Directory Number of the tracks being programmed. • You can program up to 20 tracks on an MP3 CD, same as for a normal CD. •...
  • Page 23 IMPORTANT! RESETTING THE SYSTEM MEMORY If this player is subject to a severe electric shock (ESD) or a repeated, intentional series of incorrect key commands, the system memory may “freeze” and the player will not respond to any further key commands. If you find that the player is not responding when you operate the controls, first make sure that the batteries are not dead.
  • Page 24: Care And Maintenance

    CARE AND MAINTENANCE CLEANING THE CABINET Wipe with a soft cloth. If the cabinet is very dirty, dampen the cloth with a weak solution of neutral detergent and water, and then wipe clean. CLEANING THE LENS A dirty lens will cause sound skipping and, if the lens is very dirty, the CD may not work.
  • Page 25: Limited Warranty

    For repair or replacement, pack your unit in a padded box, enclose your check or money order payable to Emerson Radio Corp. in the amount of $9.00 (not required by California residents) to cover shipping and handling costs, and enclose a copy of your proof of purchase.
  • Page 26: Specifications

    SPECIFICATIONS Bit Rate......32–320kbps. Sampling Frequency..8kHz, 16kHz, 32kHz, 44.1kHz, 48kHz. MPEG 1....... Layer 1, 2, 3. MP3 Playback....ISO 9006 Format Compatible. Max. File Support..Album (Directory) 99, Track (File) 300. Note: Check your Burner/Recorder’ s Owner’ s Manual to make sure it is compatible with these specifications.
  • Page 27 EMERSON PART NO. 16-2939 402-02 PRINTED IN CHINA HD8120_022004.p65 20/2/2004, 11:23...

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