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GE GSD2600D Use And Care Manual

Ge use and care dishwasher gsd2600d
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  Summary of Contents for GE GSD2600D

  • Page 1 GENE RAL@EIECTRIC ..——— —.—..— UseandCareof Mi)delGSD2600D Your e lectronic touch-controls Opemtinginstructions Dishwashingshort-cut Loaded right, dishesgetcleaner Whatisdishwashersafe? p Save timeandmoney Before y oucallforservice, usetheProblem Solver Your Direct Line to General Electric The GE Answer CenteF800.626.2000 ~-–---–-–’–---”--- “...
  • Page 2: Convenience Features

    Keep it handy for answers to your questions. If you don’t understand something or need more help... Call, toll free: The GE Answer CenterTM 800.626.2000 consumer information service or write (include your phone number] Consumer Affairs...
  • Page 3 IMPORTANT SAFETY iNSTRUCTIOB& @%= Read all instructions before using this appliance~~?x:, This dishwashermust be .~-”-;,’ ~%”,aT~~ge properlyinstalled and locatedin accordancewith the installation Instructionsbefore it is used. you did not receive an Installation Instructions sheet with your dishwasher you can obtain one by’...
  • Page 4 Select a wash cycle Select a wash cycle that is most suited to the soil condltlon center of the pad that describes your selection. . POTSCRUBBER— For items such as pots, pans and casseroles. be included:...
  • Page 5: Systems Monitor

    This is one of the most important parts of your new dishwasher. It tells you what is going on in the dishwasher any time and it can alert you to possible problems. some of the specific benefits of the SYSTEMS MONITOR: Gives you the number of minutes to the end of the cycle.
  • Page 6 Dishwashing short-cut MINUTES Once you have become familiar with your dishwasher you may discover that you use the same dishwashing program most of the time. Your next load will probably be the same as your last load. How to lock dishwasher controls to prevent use bv children Your dishwasher has a “hidden”...
  • Page 7 SYSTEMS NUMERALS FROM 1 to 9 HRS DELAY ENERGY SAVER WASHING RINSE DRYING RINSED ONLY HEATING b, ” .’ LOCKED tells you what’s happening MONITOR Number of minutes left in the cycle. Number of hours delay until start of cycle. Indicates energy-efficient selection made such as LIGHT WASH, ENERGY SAVER wash or ENERGY SAVER (UNHEATED) DRYING.
  • Page 8 BLOCKED DRAIN and C2 SEE DOOR LABEL Appears when power to dishwasher is interrupted. See if dishes are dirty or if water is standing in tub. To pump water out of tub, push START then CLEAR/RESET or overfill can occur. Replace detergent, if missing.
  • Page 9 NOTE: If control panel doesn’t respond to inputs, shut off power from dishwasher at fuse or circuit breaker. Wait 5 seconds and restore power. Try inputs again. Appears in combination with BLOCKED DRAIN and indicates drain- Iine is completely clogged. See page 6, BLOCKED DRAIN and C2.
  • Page 10 *Unextended times. These cycle times may be increased up to 20-minutes if necessary for your dishwasher to heat the water to proper temperature for good washability. Drying Cycle Options: on all wash cycles except Rinse & Hold. Add 34-minutes to cycle time.
  • Page 11 Energy=saving tips The power consumption of your dishwasher can be minimized if follow these suggestions: . Operate the dishwasher only Let the dishes accu- when it’s full. mulate in the dishwasher. When you put in only a partial load, use the Rinse &...
  • Page 12 Turn on the hot water faucet at the sink and allow it to run until the water is hot. Then start the dishwasher. If you’ve recently done laundry or run hot water for showers, give your water heater time to recover before operating the dishwasher.
  • Page 13 +Filled Main Cup holds 3 tablespoons; What you can leave on dishes. And what you shouldn’t. If this is your first dishwasher, or if you’re replacing a much older model, you may wonder how much pre-preparation your dishes need. Actually very little. Pre-rinsing of normal food soils is not necessary.
  • Page 14 The top rack is best for glasses, cups and saucers. Cups and glasses fit best along the sides. This is the place for dishwasher-safe plastics, too. Make sure small plastic items are lodged in tightly so they can’t fall onto the Calrod@ heating unit.
  • Page 15 How to load the TOP RACK (continued) + : . Arrange stemware so that it cannot move easily. Don’t let the glasses touch each other. SHELF Fold the folding shelf up for glasses and tall things. -JL. –- --- --- --—_ ._, ‘...
  • Page 16 How to load the BOTTOM RACK. Fit plates and saucers between the pins. — pmm-mm-~ ..~;:;;tiiiw=rn ------------ ..Load platters, pots, pans and bowls along the sides, in corners or in the back. Put flatware in the removable silverware Load with handles up, to protect your hands.
  • Page 17 What can usually wash safely in your dishwasher. And what you can’t. China/ Antique, Stoneware hand-painted glaze patterns fade. Gold-leaf will discolor. Crystal Antique, hand-painted Gold-1eaf will discolor. Non-dishware items—such as electronic air cleaner filters, furnace filters, paint brushes, etc.
  • Page 18: User Maintenance Instructions

    How to Give Your Dishwasher a New Look— Change Two panels are held in place by the door trim and the trim on the panel below the door. Each side of each panel is a different color. Or you can paint a panel with the color of your own choice.
  • Page 19: The Problem Solver

    It should be at least 120”E (To test, see page 10.) Water pressure may be temporarily coming out slower than usual? If so, wait until pressure is normal before using your dishwasher. Plugged air gap. (See page 16.) Improper rack loading. (See pages 12-14.) Aluminum...
  • Page 20 If vinegar rinse doesn’t work: (60 ml) of citric acid crystals instead of vinegar. (Most drug stores carry citric acid crystals. If yours doesn’t, call GE Factory Service.) Using a vinegar or citric acid crystal rinse more than twice a month? Consider a home water-softener.
  • Page 21 (See pages 12 & 13 for correct way to load glassware.) Make sure tall glasses and stemware will clear the top of the tub when you push the rack into the dishwasher. Always use the top rack for delicate items. fine china.
  • Page 22 ..
  • Page 23 Whether your appliance is in or out of warranty, you’re just a phone call away from our nationwide network of Factory Service professionals. Simply call our GE service organization. You’ll find them in the White Pages under “General Electric Company” or “General Electric Factory Service;’...
  • Page 24: Warranty

    If you then have any questions about operating the product, please contact your dealer or our Consumer Affairs office at the address below, or call, toll free: The GE Answer CenterTM 800.626.2000 consumer information service . Improper installation. If you have an installation problem, contact your dealer or installer.