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Features - GE Profile WASE4220 Owner's Manual

Profile washers
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About washer features.
(appearance and features may vary)
2nd Rinse Option (on some models)
When you use extra detergent or bleach to clean heavily soiled clothes, you may
want to use the 2nd Rinse option. It provides a second deep cold rinse.
Extended Spin Option (on some models)
Use this option to extract more water from your clothes. Clothes will be drier when this
option is selected.
Signal Off Option (on some models)
Some models have a signal that will sound at the end of the cycle. Use this option to
turn off the signal.
Spot Spray (on some models)
When you open the washer lid and press the SPOT SPRAY button, you will see a short stream
of cold water.
Open the washer lid.
Press the SPOT SPRAY button. (You will see a short stream of water.)
Dampen your soiled garment with the SPOT SPRAY option and rub your favorite
pretreatment product into soiled area.
NOTE: The SPOT SPRAY option will not work if
the washer lid is down
the washer tub is filling
the water has already reached the level you selected.
PerfecTemp senses the incoming water temperature and adjusts the fill water to obtain a more
precise temperature range for all three wash temperatures. You may select cold, warm or hot.
For example, in a Cold Wash selection, some warm water may be added to reach a
temperature needed to better dissolve detergents. Often, detergents are not completely
dissolved in very cold water, especially in cooler climates.
NOTE: PerfecTemp will not adjust the fill on WARM WASH unless the washer lid is closed.
Be sure to start the washer after the lid is closed.


Table of Contents

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