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GE Profile WASE4220 Owner's Manual page 7

Profile washers
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Select the water temperature for the wash and rinse cycles. Always follow fabric manufacturer's care
label or instructions when laundering.
Wash Cycle
The wash cycle controls the length of the washing process. The knob can be turned in either direction.
Turning the Cycle Selector knob after starting a cycle will stop the washer and reset the cycle to the new
selection. Press START to begin the new cycle selection.
choosing the cycle, the
Cycle Selector knob can
be pointed anywhere
within the shaded range
for the cycle setting.
The Cycle Indicator Lights show what stage the washer is in. The wash time is the length of the wash
agitation. The 6 MIN light will remain lit during drain and spin. When the Selector knob is set to a new
cycle the Indicator Lights will flash momentarily, showing what stages the cycle will go through.
The chart below will help you match the wash cycle setting with your clothing.
COTTONS For heavy to lightly soiled cottons, household linens, work and play clothes.
EASY CARE For wrinkle-free and permanent press items, and knits.
HANDWASH For items labeled handwashable with light soils. Provides period of agitation and soak during
wash and rinse.
DELICATES For lingerie and special-care fabrics with light to normal soil.
EXTRA HEAVY For heavily soiled and heavy-duty fabrics. This cycle provides a longer agitation.
QUICK RINSE For quickly rinsing chlorine, perspiration, stains, etc. out of clothes.
15 MIN/30 MIN For heavily soiled clothes. Begins with a brief agitation, soaks for a specified period of time, then moves
AUTO SOAK through the rest of the cycle automatically.
Press START to begin the cycle. Pressing START again or raising the lid will PAUSE the cycle and
the Cycle indicator light will blink.


Table of Contents

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