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Control Settings - GE Profile WASE4220 Owner's Manual

Profile washers
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About the control settings.
Color Logic
Select the correct TEMPERATURE setting. Match the particular color below the words with the same
color on the WASH/SPIN SPEED setting. Next, match the color again with the same color on the
Cycle Selector knob.
Example: Washing a load of medium soiled whites, such as towels and sheets.
Choose the LOAD SIZE.
Choose the TEMPERATURE setting—for this load it would be the HOT COLD (which is a
particular color) .
Choose the WASH/SPIN SPEED setting that matches that color—for this load it would be the
Turn the Cycle Selector knob to the area that has the same color as the TEMPERATURE and
WASH/SPIN SPEED settings you have chosen—for this load it would be the COTTONS area.
Turn the knob to the MEDIUM setting.
Load Size
Loosely load clothes no higher than the top row of holes in the washer tub. The water level should
just cover the clothes.
Custom Care Wash/Spin Speeds
The agitator moves clothes around for a cleaner wash; the basket spins later in the cycle to release
water from the load. The Wash/Spin Speed dial sets the speed of both the agitator and the basket.
With Normal wash speed, the agitator will move at a high speed for the first few minutes, then it
steps down to a moderate speed. This reduces the wear on your clothing. Use for cottons, denims
and play clothes.
With Gentle wash speed, the agitator moves slower. Use for delicate and knit items.
The Fast spin speed is for durable items.
The Slow spin speed is for delicate items like sweaters and lingerie. When using Slow spin speed,
clothes will be less dry than when using Fast spin speed.
The Handwash speed is for items labeled handwashable.


Table of Contents

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