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Philips 32PFL5708/F7 User Manual

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EN User Manual
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Manual del Usuario
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Manuel d'Utilisation
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Interior de la Republica; 01 800 839 19 89
ES: Para obtener más información, llame al servicio de soporte al cliente
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Para obtener asistencia, comuníquese con Centro de atención al cliente de Philips;
En los Estados Unidos, en Canadá, Puerto Rico o en las Islas Vírgenes de
los Estados Unidos; 1 866 309 5962
México D.F. y Área Metropolitana; 58 87 97 36
Interior de la Republica; 01 800 839 19 89
FR: Pour obtenir de l'aide supplémentaire, communiquez avec le centre de
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Pour obtenir de l'aide, communiquez avec le centre de service à la clientèle Philips au;
Dans le États-Unis, au Canada, à Puerto Rico ou aux Îles Vierges
américaines; 1 866 309 5962
México D.F. et Área Metropolitana; 58 87 97 36
Interior de la Republica; 01 800 839 19 89



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  • Page 1 Interior de la Republica; 01 800 839 19 89 ES: Para obtener más información, llame al servicio de soporte al cliente de su país. Manual del Usuario • Para obtener asistencia, comuníquese con Centro de atención al cliente de Philips; En los Estados Unidos, en Canadá, Puerto Rico o en las Islas Vírgenes de Para obtener una copia electrónica más detallada los Estados Unidos; 1 866 309 5962 de este manual, visite México D.F.
  • Page 2: Table Of Contents

    English Contents 7 Useful tips FAQ Troubleshooting 1 Notice 8 Information Glossary 2 Important Maintenance Positioning the TV 9 Specifications Regulatory notices Environmental care Downloading an electronic copy 10 Warranty 3 Get started Features Supplied accessories Symbols used in this User Manual Attaching the base Managing cables Installing the remote control batteries Remote control function Control panel Terminals Connecting the antenna or unencrypted cable Plugging in the AC power cord Initial setup 4 Use your TV Switching on your TV and putting it in Standby mode Adjusting volume Switching channels...
  • Page 3 Return your Product Registration Card or visit at today to get the very most from your purchase. Registering your model with Philips makes you eligible for all of the valuable benefits listed below, so don't miss out. Complete and return your Product Registration Card at once to ensure: or visit at
  • Page 4: Important Safety Instructions

    (NEC ART 250, PART H) Wall Mount Bracket Kit P&F USA is not liable for these types of accidents or injury noted Brand: SANUS below. • Install the Wall Mount Bracket on a sturdy vertical wall. Model # Screw dimension • If installed onto a ceiling or slanted wall, the TV and Wall Mount 32PFL5708/F7 M6-(18mm)x2 Bracket may fall which could result in a severe injury. 39PFL5708/F7 M6(18mm) x 2 • Do not use screws that are longer or shorter than their specified 40PFL5708/F7 Sanus VMPL50A M6(10mm) x 2 length. If screws too long are used this may cause mechanical or...
  • Page 5 English 1 Notice Modifications This apparatus may generate or use radio frequency energy. Changes or modifications to this apparatus may cause harmful interference unless Trademarks are the property of Koninklijke Philips N.V. or their the modifications are expressly approved in the User Manual. The user respective owners. could lose the authority to operate this apparatus if an unauthorized change or modification is made. P&F USA reserves the right to change products at any time without being obliged to adjust earlier supplies accordingly. Cables The material in this User Manual is believed adequate for the intended use of the system. If the product or its individual modules or procedures Connections to this device must be made with shielded cables with are used for purposes other than those specified herein, confirmation of metallic RFi/ EMI connector hoods to maintain compliance with FCC their validity and suitability must be obtained. P&F USA warrants that the Rules and Regulations. material itself does not infringe any United States patents. No further warranty is expressed or implied. Canadian notice P&F USA cannot be held responsible neither for any errors in the This Class B Digital apparatus complies with Canadian ICES-003. content of this document nor for any problems as a result of the Standard Television Receiving Apparatus, Canada BETS-7 / NTMR-7.
  • Page 6 English Copyright All other registered and unregistered trademarks are the property of their respective owners. The terms HDMI and HDMI High-Definition Multimedia Interface, and the HDMI Logo are trademarks or registered trademarks of HDMI Licensing LLC in the United States and other countries. For DTS patents, see Manufactured under license from DTS Licensing Limited. DTS, the Symbol, & DTS and the Symbol together are registered trademarks, and DTS TruSurround is a trademark of DTS, Inc. © DTS, Inc. All Rights Reserved. ® ENERGY STAR is a joint program of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and the U.S. Department of Energy helping us all save money and protect the environment through energy efficient products and practices. Consumer Notice: This TV has been set to maximize energy efficiency while delivering the best possible picture using the factory installed home mode settings. Changing or enabling other features in this TV (e.g. brightened...
  • Page 7: Positioning The Tv

    English 2 Important Environmental care The packaging of this product is intended to be recycled. Contact your local authorities for information about how Positioning the TV to recycle the packaging. For product recycling information, please visit • Large screen TVs are heavy. Two people are required to carry and - handle a large screen TV. • Make sure to hold the upper and bottom End of life directives frames of the unit firmly as illustrated. • Install the unit in a horizontal and stable Philips pays a lot of attention to produce environment- friendly products in green focal areas. Your new TV position. contains materials which can be recycled and reused. At • Do not install the unit in direct sunlight the end of its life, specialized companies can dismantle or in a place subject to dust or strong the discarded TV to concentrate the reusable materials vibration. and to minimize the amount of materials to be disposed • Depending on the environment, the temperature of this unit may of. Please ensure you dispose of your old TV according increase slightly. This is not a malfunction.
  • Page 8: Get Started

    TV base and screws programs. • MTS / SAP tuner Audio can be selected from the remote control. Screws packed with this unit: • Auto Standby Model Quantity Size If there is no Input signal and no operation for 15 minutes, the unit will go into Standby mode automatically. M4 x 16 32PFL5708/F7 • Sleep timer 39PFL5708/F7 M4 x 10 You can set the unit to go into Standby mode after a specific amount of 40PFL5708/F7 time. 47PFL5708/F7 M4 x 10 • Choices for on-screen language 50PFL5708/F7 Select your on-screen language: English, Spanish or French.
  • Page 9: Attaching The Base

    English Attaching the base Installing the remote control batteries You must attach the base to the unit to have it as a table top unit. Be sure the front and rear of the base match the proper direction. For large screen TVs, at least 2 people are required for these steps. Slide the battery cover off the back of the remote control. Insert the 2 supplied batteries (AAA, 1.5V). Be sure the + and − ends of the batteries line up with the markings inside the case. Slide the cover back into position. Note • Remove the batteries if not using the remote control for an extended period of time. M4-10mm M4-16mm(32'' /39'') M4-10mm(40'' /47'' /50'') Note • Make sure to use a table which can support the weight of this unit and is larger than this unit. • Make sure the table is in a stable location. • When attaching the base, ensure that all screws are tightly fastened. If the base is not properly attached, it could cause the unit to fall, resulting in injuries as well as damage to the unit. • To remove the base from this unit, unscrew the Phillips head screws in step 2. Be careful not to drop the base when you remove it.
  • Page 10: Remote Control Function

    English ① (POWER-ON / STANDBY-ON) Remote control function Press to turn the unit On and go into Standby mode. To completely turn Off the unit, you must unplug the AC power cord. ② Playback control buttons Control the playback of pictures, music, videos, and DVD players when user is viewing content from connected HDMI-CEC devices. ③ SAP Secondary Audio Programming lets you change audio language. ④ (MENU button) Access to menu. ⑤ INFO Displays information about the TV channel or accessory device. ⑥ ◄►▲▼- (NAVIGATION buttons) Press to move left / right / up / down through the items. ⑦ OK Press to decide the command of setting when the Home menu is displayed. ⑧ OPTIONS Displays a list of menu items applicable to connected external device.
  • Page 11: Control Panel

    English Control panel 32PFL5708/F7, 39PFL5708/F7, 40PFL5708/F7, 47PFL5708/F7, 50PFL5708/F7 ① Power On indicator Lights up white when the unit is turned On and flashes while the unit is turning On. ② Infrared sensor Receives IR signals from remote control. ③ (POWER/STANDBY) Press to turn the unit On and go into Standby mode. To completely Turn Off the unit, you must unplug the AC power cord. Terminals 32PFL5708/F7 and 39PFL5708/F7 ① Digital Audio coaxial cable Digital audio output to home theaters and other digital audio systems. ② Component/Composite Video Input jacks ③ Component/Composite shared Audio Input jacks Component/Composite analog audio (L/R) jacks signal.
  • Page 12: Connecting The Antenna Or Unencrypted Cable

    Connecting a set-top box, Blu-ray / DVD recorder via Connecting the antenna or unencrypted composite connectors and Analog Audio cable Do not place your recorder too close to the screen because some recorders can be susceptible to signals. Be sure your antenna or other device is connected properly before For 32PFL5708/F7 and 39PFL5708/F7 plugging in the AC power cord. Blu-ray/DVD recorder If you connect to an antenna through RF cable RF cable Any DTV programs that are broadcasted in your area can be received for free through an antenna connection.
  • Page 13: Initial Setup

    English Press OK to begin Settings assistant, then follow the on-screen These operations are accessible by remote control. instructions. Initial setup This section will guide you through the unit’s initial setting which includes selecting a language for your on-screen menu, country, location and AutoProgram, which automatically scans and memorizes viewable channels. You can also set the network connection in this setting. Before you begin: Make sure the unit is connected to antenna or cable. Settings assistant After making all the necessary connections, press to turn On the Settings assistant helps you customize picture settings. You will see a unit. series of test pictures where the right side and left side differ. Select • It may take a few moments to turn On the unit for the first time.
  • Page 14 English Setup Wizard (6/6) Congratulations. TV Setup is done. Settings assistant You have set up your viewing preferences. BACK MENU MENU Store Exit Exit Back Use ▲▼ to select Antenna for TV channels or Cable for CATV Note channels, then press OK. • If you are not receiving a signal from your cable service, contact the Cable provider. • If you press during AutoProgram, this setup of TV channels will be canceled. Setup Wizard (3/6) • The initial AutoProgram function can be executed for either Antenna or Cable only Please select TV RF tuning band once. When you change the connection (Antenna / Cable), set Autoprogram again.
  • Page 15: Use Your Tv

    English 4 Use your TV Switching channels Switching on your TV and putting it in Standby mode PREV.CH To select Channels by using CH + / CH − • Press CH + (up) / CH − (down) on the remote control. To select Channels by using the NUMBER buttons To Turn Power On or to Turn Standby On Digital TV operation • Press on the panel or the remote control.
  • Page 16: Watching Channels From An External Device

    English Watching channels from an external device Sleep timer Switching each input mode can easily switch with the remote control Sleep timer can set the unit to go into Standby mode after an between TV (DTV or Analog TV) and external devices when they are incremental period of time. connected to the unit. Turn On a set-top box or the connected device. • The picture from your set-top box or the connected device might appear automatically on the TV screen. If the picture does not appear Press SLEEP repeatedly to change the amount of time (increases the time up to 240 minutes). • Press SLEEP once to call up the display for checking the remaining time. • To cancel sleep timer, press SLEEP until Off is displayed. Changing picture format SOURCE repeatedly to select the set-top box or the Press connected device, then press OK to enter.
  • Page 17: Tv Screen Information

    English For 16:9 video signal TV screen information You can display the currently selected channel or other information such as the aspect ratio on the TV screen. In the Digital mode, the detailed broadcasting information for the current off-the-air channel such as program title and program guides are Auto Zoom displayed. Press INFO. Wide Cinema Normal Displays a 16:9 picture at its original size Removes the black bars on the side of 4:3 TV broadcasts. This action will Zoom cause minimal distortion on the screen. Wide Displays a 16:9 picture that is stretched horizontally and vertically. Cinema Scales 4:3 picture format to 16:9. Other than DTV and HDMI connected devices, enlarges the picture to best ① ③ Auto fit the screen. DTV and HDMI connected devices display the picture at its Sesame Street KQED-HD original size.
  • Page 18: Use More Of Your Tv

    English 5 Use more of your TV Features p. 22 This section describes the overview of the Setup menu displayed when (MENU) and use ▲▼◄► to select Setup. you press Adjusting the Closed Caption, parental guide and some The Setup menu consists of the function setting items below. other useful functions. (MENU) to display Home menu. Press p. 27 Your TV is fitted with a USB connection that enables you to view photos, listen to music or watch videos stored on a USB memory stick BACK to When the setting is completed, press (MENU) or Use ▲▼ to select Setup, then press OK. exit. Use ▲▼ to select the desired menu and an item, then press OK Picture or use ◄► to determine the setting. Picture Settings assistant Before you begin: Sound Auto picture...
  • Page 19: Sound

    English Access advanced settings. Sound Color Select a predefined color temperature, or alignment adjust Red / Green / Blue gain and offset. Noise Select the amount of noise reduction for the Before you begin: reduction picture. (Off, Low, Middle, and High) You must set Home in Location. p. 26 Cursor ◄ Cursor ► Otherwise, personalized picture and sound settings will not be memorized after the unit goes into Standby mode. Tint to add green to add red Press (MENU) to display Home Menu and use ▲▼to select Sound, then press OK. Sharpness to soften to sharpen Use ▲▼◄► to select the item you want to adjust, then press Dynamic Dynamically enhance the details in the dark, Advanced contrast...
  • Page 20: Setup

    English Analog/Cable TV operation Setup You can select Mono or Stereo if the Analog broadcasting is sending the MTS (Multi channel television sound). You can select SAP while your TV is receiving the Analog broadcasting that has the SAP (Second Audio Program). Note Mono to output mono-audio The Setup menu item is disabled for non-tuner sources.. • Audio Stereo to output stereo-audio Setup allows user to do channel installation and other settings for tuner setting sources. to output second-audio program (MENU) to display Home Menu and use ▲▼ to select Press You can set the digital audio output format. Setup, then press OK. to output PCM Digital Picture Autoprogram to output Bitstream (When the audio of the output Bitstream content is PCM, it will be output in PCM format Sound Antenna even if Bitstream is selected.) Setup...
  • Page 21: Autoprogram

    English Channel list Autoprogram You can make a list of your preferred TV channels so that you can find If you switch wires (e.g. between antenna and CATV) or if you move those channels more easily. the unit to a different area after the initial setting, or if you restore the (MENU) to display Home Menu and use ▲▼ to select Press DTV channels you deleted, it is recommended to use AutoProgram to perform a new channel search. Setup, then press OK. Use ▲▼ to select Channel list, then press OK. (MENU) to display Home Menu and use ▲▼ to select Press Setup, then press OK. Picture Highlight channels for Ch Up/Down key DTV 1.2 Use ▲▼ to select Autoprogram, then press OK. selection. ATV 10.0 Use ▲▼ to select Cable or Antenna, then press OK. Sound DTV 10.1 Press OK to select Start now. Setup • Autoprogram will start automatically.
  • Page 22: Language

    You can switch the TV to standby after a specified time. During the countdown to the specified time, you can switch off Sleep timer your TV earlier or reset the sleep timer. Select a value between Off ~ 240 min. Accesses options of PC-related settings. You can make adjustments in: Horizontal position, Vertical position, Clock, and Phase by using the on-screen cursor bars when PC is PC settings connected to the TV. You can also select Auto adjustment, the option will automatically adjust the picture position. Select Reset PC settings to reset the memory of PC settings. You can get the most out of your HDMI-CEC-compliant devices with Philips EasyLink enhanced control features. Connect your HDMI-CEC compliant devices through HDMI EasyLink to your TV and control them at the same time with your TV remote control. For detailed information, please refer to the section of EasyLink on p. 26. Select Home or Retail as the location mode for your TV. Location For detailed information, please refer to the section of Location on p. 26. Enables or disables E-sticker. Only available when Location is in E-sticker Retail mode. You can download the upgrade file from our official website to Software your USB. Connect the USB to your TV and select Software...
  • Page 23: Child Lock

    English Channel lock Child lock Particular channels or external Input modes can be invisible in this You can prevent your children from watching certain programs or cer- function. tain channels by locking the TV controls and by using ratings. Use ▲▼ to select Channel lock, then press OK. (MENU) to display Home Menu and use ▲▼ to select Press Use ▲▼ to select the particular channels or external Input, then Features, then press OK. press OK repeatedly to switch between view and block. Use ▲▼ to select Child lock, then press OK. • indicates that the channel or Input Source is locked. • indicates that the channel or Input Source is not locked. Language English Picture Picture Picture Picture Child lock Child lock Sound Sound Component Caption settings...
  • Page 24 English Canada English or Canada French ratings US movie ratings lock You can select the rating for Canada English or Canada French Picture broadcasting. Sound Use ▲▼ to select Canada English ratings or Canada French ratings, then press OK. Setup PG-13 Use ▲▼ to select the desired rating, then press OK repeatedly to Features switch between view and block. • indicates that the rating is locked. NC-17 • indicates that the rating is not locked. Canada English Canada French Description rating rating Locked all ratings Exempt program US movie −...
  • Page 25: Caption Settings

    English Change PIN Digital TV operation • [Digital captions]: Use ▲▼ to select, then select the desired Although the default PIN code (0000) is supplied with the unit, you can digital caption service from CS1~CS6 or CC1~CC4, press OK. set your own PIN code. This option is only available in DTV. Use ▲▼ to select Change PIN, then press OK. In addition to the basic Closed Caption, DTV has its own Closed Cap- Press the NUMBER buttons to enter the new 4-digit PIN code. tion called Digital caption service. Use this menu to change the settings • Enter PIN code again to confirm. for Digital caption service. Selects one of these before changing CS-1 Picture Picture Digital caption any other item in Caption settings service menu. Choose CS-1 under normal Enter PIN.
  • Page 26: Sleep Timer

    English This unit will turn On when the power On signal is sent from your Sleep timer connected EasyLink device. Sleep timer can set the unit to go into Standby mode after an This unit stays in Standby mode even if incremental period of time. you Turn On your connected EasyLink Use ▲▼ to select Sleep timer, then press OK. device. Auto TV on Use ▲▼ to select a value between off and 240 min. This unit turns On automatically when you turn On your connected EasyLink device. Note Device list p. 10 • You can also press SLEEP directly to switch the desired setting. This function lets you see the product model number or name of EasyLink connected devices. Use ▲▼ to select the desired EasyLink device listed on the TV screen, This function allows you to operate the linked functions between our then press OK. brand devices with a EasyLink feature and this unit connecting through Your connected EasyLink device will be turned On if the device is in an HDMI cable. You must connect this unit to our brand EasyLink Standby mode. devices and be sure its EasyLink setting is also set to On. (MENU) to display Home Menu and use ▲▼ to select Press Picture Picture...
  • Page 27: E-Sticker

    English • Files encoded in the following formats are supported. E-sticker • The files recorded under the following specifications are required. PHOTO When you set Location to Retail, E-sticker (Electronic Sticker) is displayed. E-sticker can be turned Off using procedure below. Req. Use ▲▼ to select E-sticker, then press OK. Image Photo Resolution DRAM width height size(MB) Use ▲▼ to select Off, then press OK. Base-line 15360x860 3.96 15360 8640 JPEG Progressive 1024x768 1024 File Extention Container Codec Your TV is fitted with a USB connection that enables you to view Video Audio photos, listen to music or watch video files stored on a USB Memory MPG, dat, mpg, mpe MPEG1, 2 Stick.
  • Page 28: Photo

    English Press OK or ► to play the selected files. PHOTO • Press OPTIONS to display the optional menu, then use ◄► to select the desired item. Use ▲▼◄► to select a file or a folder. (Play) / (Pause) Press OK or play/pause to play or pause the music. (FB) Press OK to Fast Backward the music. Repeatedly USB PHOTO:\ press OK to increase the speed: FBX2/FBX4/FBX8/ FBX16/PLAY. (FF) Press OK to Fast Forward the music. Repeatedly press OK to increase the speed: FFX2/FFX4/FFX8/ Root image image1 image2 FFX16/PLAY. (Prev.) / (Next) Go to the previous/next track. (Stop) Stop music playback. image3 image4 image5 image6 (Info.) Display the information. (Album/Title/Bit Rate/Artist/Sampling/Year/Size) (Repeat) Select the repeat mode.
  • Page 29: Upgrading The Software

    Press Features, then press OK. Use ▲▼ to select Software upgrade, then press OK. Supports high-definition Digital signals and gives highest picture and Use ▲▼ to select Upgrade, then press OK. sound quality. Video and Audio signals are combined in one cable. You must use HDMI for full high-definition video and to enable Philips Use ▲▼ to select USB. EasyLink. Use ▲▼ to select Check, then press OK. Read the on-screen instructions and confirm that you want to Note continue with the installation. • Philips HDMI supports HDCP (High-bandwidth Digital Contents Protection). HDCP is a form of Digital Rights Management that protects high definition content in Blu-ray discs Picture Picture Software upgrade or DVDs. • The HDMI-ARC connector on the TV features HDMI-ARC functionality. This allows Sound Sound output of TV Audio to an HDMI-ARC-compliant device. Software upgrade in progress. Please wait. Software upgrade in progress. Please wait. Setup...
  • Page 30: Connecting Your Devices

    For 40PFL5708/F7, 47PFL5708/F7 and 50PFL5708/F7 Connecting your devices HDMI Digital connection HDMI-DVI HDMI connection offers the highest picture quality. conversion cable HDMI (High-Definition Multimedia Interface) transports high definition Digital video and multi-channel Digital Audio through a single cable. Audio (L/R) cables For 32PFL5708/F7 and 39PFL5708/F7 cable receiver or satellite box with the DVI Output jack set-top box Audio dongle Note Blu-ray disc play • Use an HDMI cable with the HDMI logo (a certified HDMI cable). High Speed HDMI HDMI cable cable is recommended for the better compatibility.
  • Page 31: Component Analog Video Connection

    Component Analog Video Connection PC connection Component Analog Video connection offers better picture quality for HDMI connection video devices connected to the unit. This unit can be connected to your PC that has a HDMI terminal. Use If you connect to the unit’s Component Video (Y/Pb/Pr) Input jacks, an HDMI cable for this Digital connection. connect Analog Audio cables to the Analog Audio (L/R) Input jacks. For 32PFL5708/F7 and 39PFL5708/F7 For 32PFL5708/F7 and 39PFL5708/F7 HDMI cable set-top box Audio (L/R) cables For 40PFL5708/F7, 47PFL5708/F7 and 50PFL5708/F7 Component (Y/Pb/Pr) Blu-ray disc / DVD Video cables...
  • Page 32: Usb Memory Stick

    VGA connection USB Memory Stick This unit is equipped with a PC Input jack. If you connect this unit to This unit offers easy playback of picture, music and movie files. your PC, you can use this unit as a PC monitor. Insert the USB Memory Stick into the USB terminal shown below. Use a VGA cable for this Video connection and it requires a Stereo mini p. 27 3.5mm plug Audio cable for Analog Audio signal as well. For 32PFL5708/F7 and 39PFL5708/F7 Stereo mini 3.5 mm plug Audio cable VGA cable Note For 40PFL5708/F7, 47PFL5708/F7 and 50PFL5708/F7 • The unit recognizes only a USB Memory Stick. • Do not use a USB hub or an extension cable to connect an external hard disk drive to the unit. (Not supported.) • A USB Memory Stick is always inserted to this unit directly. • A USB Memory Stick is not supplied with this unit.
  • Page 33: Useful Tips

    English 7 Useful tips Question Answer My remote control does not • Check the antenna or cable connection to the main unit. • Check the batteries of the remote control. work. • Check if there is an obstacle between the infrared sensor window and the remote control. What should I do? • Test the signal Output use IR Signal Check. p. 36 If okay, then possible infrared sensor trouble. • Aim the remote control directly at the infrared sensor window on the front of the unit. • Reduce the distance to the unit. • Re-insert the batteries with their polarities (+/–) as indicated. • When there is an infrared-equipped device such as PC near this unit, it may interrupt the remote control signal of this unit. Movethe infrared-equipped device away from this unit, change the angle of the infrared sensor or Turn Off the infrared communication function. How come the initial setup • Make sure to complete the initial setup before the unit goes into Standby mode.
  • Page 34: Troubleshooting

    English Troubleshooting If the unit does not perform properly when operated as instructed in this User Manual, check the following chart and all connections once before calling for service. Symptom Remedy No power Make sure that the AC outlet supplies the proper voltage, plug another electrical appliance into the AC outlet to • ensure that AC outlet operates normally. If a power failure occurs, unplug the AC power cord for 1 minute to allow the unit to reset itself. • Remote control buttons do Re-insert the batteries with their polarities (+/− signs) as indicated. • not work. When there is an infrared-equipped device such as a PC is near this unit, it may interrupt the remote control signal of • this unit.
  • Page 35: Information

    English 8 Information Glossary Analog TV (NTSC) Acronym that stands for National Television Systems Committee and the name of Analog broadcasting standards. Off-the-air NTSC signals are no longer being sent by major broadcasting stations in the USA. ARC (Audio Return Channel) (HDMI 1 only) HDMI-ARC allows you to use Philips EasyLink to output TV audio directly to a connected Audio device, without the need for an additional Digital Audio cable. Be sure that the device is HDMI CEC and ARC compliant, and that the TV is connected to the device using an HDMI cable attached to both HDMI-ARC connectors. Aspect ratio The width of a TV screen relative to its height. Conventional TVs are 4:3 (in other words, the TV screen is almost square); widescreen models are 16:9 (the TV screen is almost twice as wide as its height). CEC (Consumer Electronics Control) This allows you to operate the linked functions between our brand devices with CEC feature and this unit. We do not guarantee 100% interoperability with other brands of CEC compliant devices. Component Video This is a video signal format that conveys each of 3 principal colors of light (red, blue and green) through different signal lines. This allows the viewers to experience picture colors as original as it is. There are several signal formats, including Y / Pb / Pr and Y / Cb / Cr. Dolby Digital The system developed by Dolby Laboratories to compress Digital sound. It offers stereo sound (2ch) or multi-channel Audio. DTV (ATSC) Acronym that stands for Advanced Television Systems Committee and the name of the Digital broadcasting standards. E-sticker E-sticker is showing set features, technical information, etc on this TV set that is displayed on the TV screen mainly used by TV retailers. Previously the...
  • Page 36: Maintenance

    English Maintenance Cabinet Cleaning • Wipe the front panel and other exterior surfaces of the unit with a soft cloth. • Never use a solvent or alcohol. Do not spray insecticide liquid near the unit. Such chemicals may cause damage and discoloration to the exposed surfaces. Panel Cleaning Wipe the panel of the unit with a soft cloth. Before cleaning the panel, disconnect the AC power cord. Servicing Should your unit become inoperative, do not try to correct the problem yourself. There are no user serviceable parts inside. Call our toll free customer support line found on the cover of this User Manual to locate an authorized service center. IR Signal Check If the remote control is not working properly, you can use a Digital camera (including a cellular phone with built-in camera) to see if it is sending out an infrared signal. With a Digital camera (including built-in cell phone cameras): Point the Digital Camera towards the remote control infrared diode at the front of the remote control. Press any button on the remote control and look through the camera display. If the infrared pulsating light appears through the camera, the remote control is sending out an IR signal.
  • Page 37: Specifications

    English 9 Specifications 32PFL5708/F7 39PFL5708/F7 Model # 40PFL5708/F7 47PFL5708/F7 50PFL5708/F7 Picture enhancement Type FHD (1920 x 1080 pixels 60Hz) Aspect ratio 4:3/ 16:9 Viewing angles 178° (V) by 178° (H) Built-in Digital tuner ATSC / NTSC Sound enhancement Mono / Stereo Mono, Stereo, DTS TruSurround 5 W x 2 (32PFL5708/F7, 39PFL5708/F7 and 40PFL5708/F7); Power output (RMS watts) 8 W x 2 (47PFL5708/F7, 50PFL5708/F7) Equalizer 5 band Ease of use...
  • Page 38: Warranty

    English 10 Warranty LIMITED WARRANTY ONE (1) YEAR WARRANTY COVERAGE: This warranty obligation is limited to the terms as set forth below. WHO IS COVERED: This product warranty is issued to the original purchaser or the person receiving the product as a gift against defects in materials and workmanship as based on the date of original purchase (“Warranty Period”) from an Authorized Dealer.
  • Page 40 P&F USA, Inc. PO Box 2248, Alpharetta, GA 30023-2248 P&F Mexicana, S.A. de C.V. Av. La Palma No. 6, Col. San Fernando La Herradura, Huixquilucan, Edo. de México. C.P. 52787 Philips and Philips Shield are used under license of Koninklijke Philips N.V.